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Chapter 341: This Person Deserves to Be Killed

In the valley…

The atmosphere suddenly became tense.

Everyone felt that it was somewhat inconceivable.

Facing the demonic dragon’s attack, the five god-level experts did not even last a single round.

They were completely crushed.

One had to know that these five were genuine Godly Spirit Realm experts. Yet, even though they joined forces, they were no match for this beast.

How absolutely terrifying!

Most importantly, the demon dragon did not seem to have used its full strength. It seemed to be in a relaxed state when fighting the five people.

The reason why this demon dragon was famous was because it had eight heads, and each head had an innate divine ability bestowed upon it.

The power of lightning, the power of corrosion, the power of fire…

Just these three abilities alone had struck the five people until they had no idea which way was up. It was enough to show how terrifying this demon beast was.

The five of them looked a little desolate and regretful. It was obvious that this opportunity was not theirs.

Even if they recovered from their injuries, they would not stand a chance against the demonic beast and the others.


“Damn humans, how dare they covet this king’s opportunity. They deserve to die!”

The eight-armed demonic dragon’s aura swept through the entire valley.

The surrounding space started to tremble under this aura, as though it could not endure this violent energy.

Circular ripples were released into the surrounding space, causing everyone’s blood and qi to churn.

This was too strong!

This kind of aura had already reached the peak of the Godly Spirit Realm!

While everyone was shocked, they glanced behind the demonic beast. It was in the direction of the star fruits.

There, the eight fruits surrounded by divine light slithered onto the star vine, releasing an inexplicable aura.

Even though they were far away, they could feel the power of the Great Dao contained in them when they took a deep breath. It was very rich.

There was no need to swallow it. It was not impossible for them to break through a great realm.

However, with the protection of the demonic dragon, it was impossible for them to obtain such an opportunity.

There was no need for them to directly break through.

“Fellow Daoists, we can only deal with this monster if we act together.

“If we continue to waste time like this, after the demonic dragon devours the star fruit, it will become even harder to deal with.

“We will all die here.”

Among the crowd, a Daoist with a cold expression said loudly.

Everyone looked over when they heard the voice. They wanted to see who had the guts to actually summon a group of heroes.

Those who could appear in this valley were all arrogant beings. No one would submit to anyone, and they would do as they were told!

“I don’t care who you are. How can you hit me?!

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