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At this moment…

Their vital essence had been replenished, and they were all desperately circulating their cultivation techniques.

Daoist Yin Feng’s words were not without reason. This was their last chance.

Otherwise, they would all die at the hands of the eight-armed demon dragon.

For a moment, blue veins bulged in their arms.

This was the result of circulating their cultivation techniques to the highest level. There was already a side effect. They were jeopardising their own health.

“Attack the demon dragon’s head!”

Daoist Yin Feng roared.


Everyone responded.

They all knew that this was the only way to kill the demonic dragon.


The energy ball that radiated a powerful shockwave shook the surrounding space as it flew towards the demonic dragon’s head.

Everything in its path was annihilated by this attack.

At the same time, the demon dragon’s attack had also finished coalescing.


The two attacks collided directly. Instantly, sand and stones flew, and the space was shattered.

Then, an earth-shaking boom was heard.

An aura that could destroy the heaven and earth formed a 360-degree ring-shaped impact at the center of the explosion, rippling out in all directions.

The first to receive the impact was the eight-armed demon dragon.

It was sent flying.


Daoist Yin Feng did not feel good either. This attack had drained all of his vital essence.

He could only watch the attack coming, but he could not block it.

All of them were hit in the chest and hit the distant mountain peak, dying.

However, Daoist Yin Feng wasn’t hurt at all.

What consumption of vital essence? It was just an act.

“Haha, the star fruit is mine.

The final victory still belongs to me!”

Daoist Yin Feng laughed loudly.

As expected, it was incomparably sinister. Everyone was already on guard, but unexpectedly, they still fell into the trap.

At this time, how could they not understand what was going on?

Just now, Yin Feng was just pretending. He did not use his full strength at all.

Everything had been an act.

“Hmph, you can only blame yourself for being too naive.”


Everyone felt that their bodies had been hollowed out, leaving them without a trace of vital essence.

Now, even moving their fingers was an extravagant hope.

They did not want to play dirty anymore.

But facing the rampant Daoist Yin Feng, they had no way at all.

And just as Daoist Yin Feng was about to get the star fruit, they suddenly felt a burning power.

Then, he roared furiously.

The eight-armed demon dragon roared and spat out a flame of origin.

This flame was filled with a violent power that could burn the sky.

This was not the flame from before, but his primordial true flame.

“Not good!”

Daoist Yin Feng cried out in alarm.

He could not block this flame right now.

Thus, he dodged, but he was

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