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Glorious Summoner Chapter 169

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Passing through that schoolyard, after only a few minutes’ walk, Xia Pingan and the others were taken to a place more than ten meters above the ground, completely made of steel bars, steel rails and various steel structural components. Built up on a three-story high platform.

The elevated platform has no walls, no stairs, on the floor of the elevated platform and all around walls, there are large and small gaps and holes left by the steel structure. Those gaps and holes can be easily Got in alone.

"This level will test everyone’s basic Summoning Spell method. At the same time, this level will also eliminate at least half of you. You now have 82 people. In a moment, you will summon each other. A slave soldier is fighting. I light it for 5 minutes. Before the incense sticks burn, 41 slave soldiers who can stand on the top of the 3rd floor of the high platform will stay.

The slaves from summon The soldiers who are killed and those who are not standing on the high platform will be eliminated. If it burns out in the last 5 minutes and there are more than 41 slave soldiers remaining on the high platform, all of you will be eliminated. Okay, now you can start. After Summon sends out the slaves, you must immediately issue the task instruction, and you can only issue the instruction once. After the instruction is issued, I will isolate the high platform with the barrier god orb, and everyone will not be able to issue a second instruction. "

The youngster who was in his twenties with an arrogant face lit an incense in an incense burner under a high platform in front of Xia Pingan and the selection began again.

The 82 people who came here did not hesitate. As the red light flashed, they summoned their own slaves in an instant.

Xia Pingan also summoned her own elite slave soldiers.

He took a look, good guys, among the 82 people, at least one can summon the elite slaves. This ratio is too high.

To tell the truth, the slave summon is not a basic Summoning Spell method in Great Yan Nation. Some summoners may not master it for a long time after completing the Foundation Establishment, but here, the ruling army seems to default The people who came here have completely mastered the slave soldier summon.

In this selection, the reason why the selected platform looks so complicated and strange is that it can better test the military force and wisdom of slave soldiers, and behind the military force and wisdom of slave soldiers, there is an indirect reaction. What comes out is the summoner's fusion to master the situation of the world beads. Through a small slave soldier, an assessment and understanding of the situation of the summoner's secret mandala can be completed.

Xia Pingan instantly understood the purpose of this selection.

82 slave soldiers stood in front of 82 summoners.

The task i

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