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Glorious Summoner Chapter 166

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Xia Pingan grabbed it by the wrist of a hand.

He turned his head and looked over and saw a fourteen-five-year-old boy with a gray felt hat on his head, semi-new clothes stained with raindrops, and a thin face, staring at him. eye shows the ominous light, without a hint of fear.

The two chopsticks held by the young man have fallen to the ground.

"Damn it, what are you doing, let go?" The young man was not only not afraid, but fiercely said with a threatening voice.

Xia Pingan's hands were slightly hard, and the young man's face showed a trace of pain, but in the pain, there was also a trace of cunning.

"Ah..." The young man yelled, with a strong performance element, and then fell on the ground full of sewage, convulsing all over his body.

Those people who had just arrived in Beijing were frightened and dispersed. At the same time, there were more than a dozen people surrounded by them. Those more than ten people were all in their ten and twenty years old. Some of the men wore felt hats on their heads, and some wore yellow vests that could help people carry luggage outside the port. They immediately surrounded Xia Pingan, each of them eye shows the ominous light staring at Xia Pingan, no The few people put their hands in their pockets. The pockets are bulging, and it seems that there should be sharp objects in them.

"Xiapi, what's the matter with you?" A flat-faced man in his twenties with small eyes and eyebrows so faint that he couldn't see it, walked out of the crowd and asked coarsely.

"Brother Hong, I just came over and asked him if he wanted to salute, but he didn't expect him to hit me, oops, oops, it hurts..." the boy who fell on the ground yelled Then, he convulsed as if performing on the ground again.

"Friends, a group of our brothers are just doing coolies and eating together, helping people to make gifts and making some hard money. Have you ever bullied a child like this?" That's called Hong Ge The young man looked at Xia Pingan coldly, and approached two steps, "You don't need our service, why hit someone?"

"Yes, why are you hitting someone?"

"Damn it, dare to bully us, be careful to stab you..."

"Kill him, kill him..."

The people around came around, one Someone stared at Xia Pingan fiercely, others were shouting and threatening, and several people stared at the luggage compartment that Xia Pingan was holding.

Xia Pingan looked down at the shrimp skin that fell on the ground. When the shrimp skin twitched, it kicked the two wooden chopsticks that fell on the ground into the crowd next to him. The people in the crowd kicked the two wooden chopsticks apart in the blink of an eye and disappeared.

This is a crime committed by a group. The division of labor is clear. Once the burglary fails to be discovered, it threatens the wrongdoer. These people i

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