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Glorious Summoner Chapter 165

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3 months later, Jinyuezhou, the capital of Dashang Country, Upper Capital......

Slanting wind and drizzle enveloped Upper Capital, hitting 800 miles of peach blossoms along the Qin’an River Spilled down in the river, almost dyed the river water into pink.

Eight hundred miles of Qin’an River goes all the way to the east. After going around the north of Shangjing like a moat, it heads straight to the sea. It is more than 300 miles away from the east of Shangjing. In the Donggang area of ​​the capital, more than half of the various goods and grains transported from the south of Dashang Country to the capital are transported by sea to Donggang and disembarked...

Needless to say the prosperity of the east port of the capital.

On Pier 7 of Donggang, a giant cruise ship with three huge chimneys and a length of nearly 200 meters, slowly docked ashore amid the sound of a whistle.

As soon as this huge cruise ship docked, the passengers who had been on the cruise ship for more than half a month, braved the drizzle, carrying large and small bags, and got off the ship one after another .

For many people, Shangjingcheng is a place to pursue dreams.

This is the capital of Dashang Country. The dark War God Cult is the seat of the Holy See in Jinyuezhou. This is the most prosperous and largest city in Jinyuezhou. It has a resident population of over 10 million. The countless wealth, reputation, status, and prosperity here have the same relationship with those great characters that affect the pattern of the world.

In the capital city, everyday all countless people come here to search for gold, countless people look forward to flying here, amaze the world with a single brilliant feat.

"My little friend, Ping An, the camp of the Sacred Adjudication Army is located at Fengyu Mountain in the Northern Part of City in Shangjing. There is still a section of the road from here to Fengyu Mountain. I wish my little friend to be an Adjudicator in the future and show off his grand plans in Beijing. In the future, he can come to the ten thousand li bookstore on Jingcheng East Street and ask me to have tea and play chess..."

On the cruise ship, one is wearing The decent, refined in manner old man wearing a bowler hat, gold-wire glasses and a cane in his hand is saying goodbye to Xia Pingan.

This old man is Xia Pingan's "roommate" in the cabin on the cruise ship. Xia Pingan lives in a two-person ordinary cabin on the cruise ship. This old man is another guest in the cabin.

The old man’s surname is Jing, and his name is Jing Yuxing. He is an aboriginal of Shangjing City. He opened a small bookstore in Shangjing City. Some time ago, the old man visited friends in Jin State. When he came back, he took this ship. When the cruise ship came back, I happened to share a room with Xia Pingan.

These days on

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