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Glorious Summoner Chapter 168

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Seeing someone being thrown out, Xia Pingan also started.

In four years, how many unfamiliar faces a person has to see? The man met someone four years ago, and he still remembers it today. This memory is too terrifying, almost like It's the same as awakening a certain ability to recognize people.

Soon, it was Xia Pingan's turn, Xia Pingan received a brand, and Qu Youqianyue behind Xia Pingan received a brand.

Xia Pingan found that the numbers of the number plates were random, not in order. The number plate he received was written with No. 68 on the front, and Qu Youqian was behind him and received it. The number plate is No. 113.

In a few minutes, everyone received a brand.

A total of 326 people came to participate in the selection today.

"If you get the grade, you can follow me in!" The youngster with an arrogant face in his twenties said to everyone, and then led 326 people into the ruling army camp through the side door. .

Entering Daying, there is a wide road inside. Both sides of the road are full of pines and cypresses. Just after entering, less than a hundred meters, it is a huge school field.

There are hundreds of numbered squares on the ground of that school. Each square is more than 30 square meters, the size of an arena.

"Well, everyone, look at the number plate in your hand, and follow the numbers on the number plate to enter the arena in the arena..." The twenty-something year-old looked arrogant. The youngster was talking loudly.

Everyone also entered the squares of the venue.

"Now, if you have an even-numbered plate in your hand, you can enter the odd-numbered arena where the number of characters is one less than your own. The second ring will enter the first ring, and the third The ring position enters the ring position No. 2..."

Xia Pingan walks to the ring position No. 67. On the ring position No. 67 is a sturdy summoner in his thirties with a serious face. Staring at Xia Pingan, taking a deep breath.

Xia Pingan has guessed what will happen next.

As long as your head is okay, you can guess what will happen next.

"The first test selected by the adjudicator is to test everyone's unarmed fighting ability. The fighting arena is in the arena position. If you are knocked down, you can’t get up again. You are knocked out of the ring’s yellow line area, or stepped on. Go to the area outside the yellow line, or voluntarily surrender, will be eliminated, two people fall out of the ring together, two people eliminated together, at the end of the game, both sides are in the ring, two people eliminated at the same time, and finally unable to stand on their own ability Those who rise up will also be eliminated. Unarmed combat cannot use any weapons, hidden weapon, poison, Summoning Spell and special awakening abilities. Once discovered, they will be

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