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Glorious Summoner Chapter 164

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"Guest, do these things of you really want to die?"

The shopkeeper in the pawnshop looked at Xia Pingan through the pawn window. Examining the same as a robber.

Also, normal people can take out a lot of things at once. Those things seem to be owned by murderers, especially those golden headdresses. The path is not right.

From Xia Pingan, he took out those swords, bullets and gold headdresses from her Space Warehouse. The two "security guards" from the pawn shop appeared silently in the business hall, four Eyes are fixed on Xia Pingan, one of the "security guards" has obvious divine force fluctuations, which means to tell Xia Pingan - brother, don't have any thoughts, I am also a China Merchants Bank.

Dawan City estimates that there is no such thing as gun control. Just now Xia Pingan was walking along, and I saw several gun shops on the road. In that shop, there are various lengths of gunpowder and firearms. ammunition.

There are also many shops selling cold weapons.

There are many pedestrians on the street who carry knives and guns.

"Yes, all the pawns!" Xia Pingan said directly, "shopkeeper's, you can make a price..."

"These swords and pistols are all a little worn, and the color is not Very good, these gold headwear can only be used by summoners. I have to re-dissolve them when I bring them. How about 46 Gold Coins?" The shopkeeper’s small eyes were staring at Xia Pingan, and he was already planning that if Xia Pingan bargained, he You can also grind your mouth and add two Gold Coins.

"Okay, let's 46 Gold Coins!" Xia Pingan didn't bother to care about it, and said directly.

There are several kinds of human currency in this World. One is Gold Coin, the other is Silver Coin, and the third is Copper Coin. These three currencies are called agreement currencies, which are the agreements of this World. The unified currency system is an agreement that the fineness and weight of each of these three currencies are exactly the same. Different forces have different patterns and the same weight and fineness, which facilitates trade.

The shopkeeper took out the money from behind the counter and counted 46 Gold Coins to Xia Pingan.

Xia Pingan weighed it and found that one Gold Coin weighs more than 50 grams and is heavy. Some Gold Coins look like the Tang Family’s castle and Dawan City, and some Gold Coins are A woman sitting upright with two full moons on top of her head, the latter is the image of the moon god.

Reach out and sweep those Gold Coins, Xia Pingan swept all those Gold Coins into her own space equipment.

Xia Pingan then left the pawnshop directly.


As soon as I walked outside, the feeling of being stared at appeared again, like a man on his back, Xia Pingan remained silent, holding the money, and continued Go to the next place.

This time Xia

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