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Glorious Summoner Chapter 170

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This third test eliminated 43 people at once.

Qu Youqian also passed this level.

The 43 people who were eliminated were taken by the member of the Judging Army in their twenties and left here, leaving the camp directly.

Only the man in his thirties with two stars on his shoulders was left at the scene.

Even though this level was passed, the atmosphere at the scene was still tense. Those who stayed knew that there should be more severe tests behind.

"Congratulations on passing the first three levels. It can be said that the people who stay now are all well-known figures before the One Sun Realm. The next level is very simple, and it will also test you. With the ability of the Summoning Spell method, I summon a warrior. You take turns out according to the number of cards in your hand, and take out the summon that you think is the most powerful summon. Remember, you only have one chance to summon, as long as your summon The thing can defeat the warrior that killed my summon, even if you pass this level, if your summon thing is killed by my summon thing, you will be eliminated, is it clear?"

This The rules are simple and clear, and everyone is nodded.

"Okay, now that it’s clear, let’s start, starting with number 7..." The man in his thirties with two stars on his epaulettes pointed to the number 7 A summoner of the card.

The summoner's number plate is the smallest of all. The summoners from 1 to 6 in front of him have been eliminated in the previous contests, the summoners from 1 to 10 In the middle of the world, he was the only one who stayed. Now, out of ten, there are only one or two.

That person was the first to appear, obviously feeling a little nervous, but the scene gave him too much time to adapt.

Everyone dispersed and gave up the venue.

As the man in his thirties with two stars on his epaulettes reached out and pointed, a cloud of black mist suddenly appeared in the open space in front of the crowd. In the black mist, slowly He walked out of a majestic warrior holding a huge saber nearly two meters long and wearing a majestic and shining armor.

Xia Pingan looked towards a warrior that was brought out by summon, and my heart was slightly shocked. The armor worn by the warrior has two large round guards on the left and right sides of the breastplate. It is shining brightly, with a wide band around the waist and on the shoulders. The shirt is draped over the thighs, and the thighs are covered with skirts. They are all made of armor. There are tiger-headed shoulders on the shoulders. The shape is gorgeous. This armor is clearly Great Tang's Clearlight Armor.

That man, summon won’t be the elite warriors of Great Tang, right?

The first man to play with the number 7 card was a little nervous, but under everyone’s gaze, he still took a deep breath and started

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