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Glorious Summoner Chapter 167

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In the morning, Xia Pingan left Donggang, and when the carriage sent him to the Judging Army Camp, it was completely dark.

The coachman and the horse pulling the cart have been exhausted after running for a day.

On the road during the day, the coachman still let the horse rest twice in the horse shop where the carriage rested, and fed water and fodder.

The horse pulling the cart was wet, with its head low, already weak. The coachman also shivered in the cold night wind, opened the door to Xia Pingan, and said carefully, " Guest, the camp of the ruling army is right in front. Walk along this road for a while and you will arrive. Please forgive me, the place is heavily guarded, and the small ones don’t dare to go. Just trouble the guest and just walk over!"

"Okay, hard work!"

"You still need to find the guest 35 Silver Coin..." The driver asked tentatively, after all, Xia Pingan gave too much money Too much, even if Xia Pingan hires him for a day and spends his money, he won't be able to get a Gold Coin anyway. This money is more than enough to hire him for four or five days.

"Don't look for it, I will reward you more..." Xia Pingan said.

"Thank you guest, thank you guest..." The driver sighed, with a smile on his face, thanking him a lot, then turned the front of the car and drove back again.

There are still clouds in the sky, and there is almost no starlight, but behind a thick cloud, you can see the shadows of the two moons.

The gas street lamp on the road has been lit, shining on the puddle of water on the ground.

There are not many pedestrians and horses around, all in a hurry, it seems that they dare not stay here.

The camp of the adjudication army is close to a large mountain in the northern part of city of Shangjing, which is called Pingshan.

The Pingshan in the dark, lurking in the dark like a giant beast, full of frightening aura.

Xia Pingan did not go to the camp of the Judging Army. It is late at night, and the camp of the Judging Army will not wait for him to come. People have to rest, not to mention it's so late.

Xia Pingan walked on the street for a while, found a hotel, asked for a room to stay for one night, and waited until the morning of the 2nd day before heading to the ruling army camp.

2nd day, the weather cleared up a bit, and there was no more drizzle.

After having breakfast in the hotel, he left the room and threw the luggage compartment into his Space Warehouse. Xia Pingan was full of energy, wearing a black robe, and went to the camp of the ruling army.

The gate of the ruling army barracks, the imposing manner is magnificent, the huge granite gate tower more than 100 meters long, stands in front of it like a city gate, the middle gate of the gate tower is open, and two rows are dressed in dark red. The Dashang Country s

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