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Glorious Summoner Chapter 157

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The classroom is quiet enough to be heard.

It is indeed shocking to hear such words from a professional researcher.

"I am a biologist and naturalist. I have also studied religion, anthropology, imitation and metaphysics. I can distinguish hundreds of thousands of biological names. I can also work in the laboratory. I have completed the gene editing of life here. I have received the most rigorous and scientific training. I believe that my understanding of life should be higher than that of most people, and I can be responsible for what I say!"

The head researcher of the base lifted his black-rimmed glasses and glanced calmly across everyone in the classroom. "The reason why I just added the word "Maybe" in front of Spiritual God is because of my opinion. The awe of life and the unknown! In the world opposite Space Crack, all existence is unthinkable. Becoming a god and entrusting a god is the highest pursuit of all summoners in that world!"

"teacher, you What do you mean, Conferred God, the highest pursuit of the summoner of the world is Conferred God?" Wu Zhanfeng couldn't help but ask.

Fengshen? Become a god?

Even Xia Pingan felt a huge impact on her heart when she heard this, let alone other people.

Yan Duo licked his lips...

Jiang Duoer's gaze suddenly focused on the teacher, and the rays of light flashed in his eyes.

Many of the others in the classroom suddenly lightened their eyes, and their spirits were lifted up.

"Yes, you heard it right, and I didn’t say it wrong. Every piece of information you hear about there is the use of life and blood by the first few groups of people in the "Sky Patching Project." In exchange, this information is also top secret, and only those who participate in the "Sky Patching Project" may have access to it!"

"teacher, what will the summoner be called the Queen of God?" A summoner asked immediately.

"I don’t know the specific status, but judging from some information, after the summoner over there is enshrined, he almost has an endless lifespan, close to Undying and Inextinguishable, and at the same time has a powerful force that we can’t understand... …"

"teacher, how does the summoner over there consecrate the gods?" Jiang Duoer lightly opened her lips and asked.

“This is what I’m going to talk about next. You are all summoners. Do you feel that our this World summoner hierarchy is very chaotic. Sometimes it’s hard to tell who is strong and who is weak. In our world, there is There are many ways to classify summoner levels. Some methods are divided according to the number of beads that a person integrates. One method is divided according to the divine force of everyone, and others are divided according to the number of summoner summon objects. One is Origin Realm, and the other is based on body battle strength such as Origin

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