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Glorious Summoner Chapter 162

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The two people who landed behind, one was wearing a black robe and the other was wearing a blue robe, each with silver hair.

The figure wearing the black robe is thin, skin like a dead tree, hands like chicken feet, coughing and vomiting blood, the body inside the black robe trembles when coughing, as if it would break at any time The same as the shriveled trunk.

The old man in the blue robe has a round face and small eyes, a slightly fat figure, and his injuries are not serious.

"This...person, who is it?" The old man in the black robe coughed, bent over, and red blood dripped from the fingers of his mouth, when he When she turned her face and looked towards Xia Pingan with bloodshot eyes, Xia Pingan felt goose bumps all over her body.

Xia Pingan didn't look at the old man, he lowered his head silently, and the glance that just made Xia Pingan's heart thumped, feeling that the old man's eyes were too fierce.

"Elder Tang, this person is the one who entered Wansongyuan tonight and wants to fish in troubled waters. I am going to send him to the Xing Law Hall for treatment..." Elder Lu said.

The old man named Elder Tang looked at Xia Pingan again, "I will go back to... the city... report to patriarch..." After saying this, the old man in black robe figure Soaring into the air, it disappeared to the northeast in an instant.

"I will go back with Elder Tang, the other teams here will give you to Elder Lu..." Elder wearing a blue robe said, and his figure suddenly vacated, moved towards the northeast Direction away.

Elder Lu's expression slowly recovered when the two people broke through the air and left. He glanced at Xia Pingan and said directly to the four youngsters, "You escort him back to Dawan City first. I will patrol here again, so as not to be disturbed by others and affect the reputation of the Tang Family..." Elder Lu said, waving his sleeves, and a string of fire flew out from him, directly falling on the corpses in the valley. The corpses burned all at once and turned into ashes in the blink of an eye.

Then Elder Lu also broke through and moved towards another direction and left.

Xia Pingan has been using the ability of remote viewing to follow the situation in the surrounding mountains and forests. When the colorful rays of light in the sky and the golden portal appeared just now, there were indeed some changes in the surrounding mountains and forests. He I felt that more than one divine force aura quickly approached the moved towards the place where the colorful rays of light appeared.

Only after the subsequent battle, the colorful rays of light in the sky and the daoist sect disappeared, and the breath of one after another divine force in the nearby mountains and forests also dispersed.

"Let’s go too..." The dark faced youth named Tang Long grabbed Xia Ping

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