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Glorious Summoner Chapter 161

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The azure robe old man has an aquiline nose, his eyes are sharp and sharp, and his breath is ready to go like a thunder, only being stared at by the old man’s eyes, Xia Pingan feels herself Heartbeat is like a drum, sweat is like pulp, there is a great horror and pressure.

There are four youngsters standing next to the old man, two men and two women. They are about 20 or 30 years old. They have a calm breath and a full of heroic spirit. They just look at their own eyes. With scrutiny and a hint of ice cold aura.

The four youngsters are all wearing armors. The shape of the armors makes Xia Pingan feel a little familiar. The armors worn by several people have shoulders and drapes, and the brazing and armor parts are fish scales. Shaped armor pieces, the vertical edge and the shoulder pieces are square pieces, square neck collar, placket on the right shoulder and side armpit, tied with three sets of silk buckles, four people's armors are decorated with gold and silver, gold and silver decorated armor There are diamond-shaped gold and silver pieces attached to the nails form a pattern on the front chest, back and the lower part of the brazing piece. The nails without gold and silver pieces are woven with red ribbons to form two overlapping diamond-shaped decorations.

In addition to the armor, each of the four has a scaly iron helmet on their heads, which look majestic and majestic.

The armors worn by these four youngsters, in Xia Pingan's eyes, are typical of the Han Dynasty style, but the armors are estimated to be customized by four people. There are some differences in length and size, and there is a trace on the armor. The breath of divine force, a faint brilliance came out of those armor pieces-that armor seemed to be Magical Artifact.

"This guy is crazy, and he dared to stare at our Magical Artifact armor. A small character who can't reach the sun state, maybe he still wants to hit us on the Magical Artifact armor! "Standing on the left hand of the azure robe old man, a youngster with a tall, strong body and a black face gave Xia Pingan a cold look. The corners of his mouth were upturned, revealing a sardonic smile. Some be eager to have a try and licked it. Lips, "Elder Lu, this guy is in Wansongyuan. I guess he's also a group of thieves who are trying to hide their ideas. They are not good guys. Let me kill him!"

Speaking, The youngster took a step forward, and the divine force on his body suddenly surging, which made Xia Pingan feel a great crisis at once, and smelled Death Aura.

Xia Pingan stood on the spot, with his head high and no fear on his face. He already felt that once the other party started to escape by himself, Xia Pingan did not give up the opportunity to communicate with the other party. He knows that the more this is the time, the less he can show the slightest timidity an

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