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Glorious Summoner Chapter 160

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After entering the Space Crack, Xia Pingan felt like she was spinning in a weightless tunnel with Floating Light Sweeping Shadow around her, various multi-colored rays of light, like The nebula swirled around.

The set of clothes that I wore before, like sand in the running water, dissipates a little bit, just in the blink of an eye, Xia Pingan feels that she is up and down, no more inches...

Sure enough, when you enter Space Crack, you cannot carry other things on your body.

Not only the things on his body, but even the small amount of ammunition that Xia Pingan put in his Space Warehouse, and two sets of clothes. After Xia Pingan entered Space Crack, the things in his Space Warehouse , Like the toothpaste stepped on by an elephant, was automatically "squeezed" from the Space Warehouse in the secret mandala, and disappeared in front of Xia Pingan a little bit like quicksand.

There is not much loss, it is only Xia Pingan used to test whether he is "exceptional".

It turns out that he is no exception when he goes through Space Crack.

Yan Duo, Wu Zhanfeng and the others followed him into Space Crack, but Xia Pingan looked around, but couldn't see the other silhouettes.

After entering Space Crack, Xia Pingan felt that there was red light pouring in from the Space Crack, and then the nebula swirling in front of him began to become chaotic, and the entire Space Crack It seemed to be shaking and distorting, making people dizzy, dazed, the brain seemed to be shaking out, the whole person was like a fallen leaf in a storm, and there was no longer the feeling of peace and stability that was just now.

I don’t know how long it has been...


Xia Pingan felt like a cannonball and was spit out by Space Crack. , Fell to the ground all of a sudden, fell to the ground, all of a sudden dizzy.

Xia Pingan motionless, just lying on the ground, after two or three minutes, Xia Pingan felt the terrible dizziness in her brain and the little stars popping out in her eyes It slowly disappeared, and the whole person slowly recovered.

The soil under her body is a bit soft, Xia Pingan’s face is sticking to the ground, and her nose can smell the smell of the earth, which carries the primordial fertility peculiar to mountain soil. The wild taste, the taste that the soil and fallen leaves can co-exist in countless years, immediately shocked Xia Pingan.

Isn’t there a cave on the opposite side of Space Crack? The smell I smell is wrong.

Xia Pingan slowly opened her eyes.

The surrounding light is a bit dim, and as far as you can see, there is a huge pine tree. The trunk of the pine tree is in front of his head. The trunk of the big tree is almost as thick as a house. Open a tunnel in the trunk.

Here...not a cave!

There are impossible trees in the cave!

Xia Pingan complexi

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