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Glorious Summoner Chapter 159

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"pu..." The drink Yan Duo had just drunk couldn't help but sprayed all of it on Wu Zhanfeng's face.

Yan Duo turned his head and stared, looking at the place where Xia Pingan is, the expression on his face can no longer be described in consternation.

And Wu Zhanfeng, who was sprayed with a face of wine, seemed to forget the spray of wine on his face at this time, and looked at the place where Xia Pingan was in astonishment.

In the restaurant, the needle dropped suddenly, and the people who were still chatting were all still. Everyone turned their heads and looked at the place where Xia Pingan and Ming Ruolan were.

Yan Duo is also very surprised-what is this? The first thing Ming Ruolan said in public, was to show her love to Xia Pingan, the stunning beauty with her temperament like an orchid in the empty valley.

Standing at the place where Yan Duo is, moved towards Ming Ruolan and Xia Pingan, looking at them, I am optimistic that we can see Ming Ruolan's curvy and beautiful figure.

Ming Ruolan's gorgeous long skirt waggles the ground, like the bright moonlight on the ground, Ming Ruolan's figure in high heels is not lost to Xia Pingan at all, and it is faintly taller. That beautiful profile, black hair, all thrilling.

Where am I? After the surprise, Yan Duo's heart was also inexplicably sad and angry.

Xia Pingan never picks up girls. She didn't communicate with Ming Ruolan at all before, so why are these girls all coming to Xia Pingan's side? Xia Pingan, did that guy awaken his ability to confuse women and didn't tell himself?


As everyone watched, Xia Pingan didn't say anything, just left the restaurant with Ming Ruolan.

This is... to the bridal chamber? Xia Pingan, you beast!

Yan Duo's head was thinking wildly, and then he saw Wu Zhanfeng wiped a drink on his face, staring at himself...

Xia Pingan and Ming Ruolan Leaving the restaurant, the others naturally chased out, but fortunately, the two did not seem to go too far. They can be seen in the restaurant. Across the glass wall of the restaurant, Xia Pingan took Ming Ruolan to the outside of the restaurant. In the garden, you can still see the back of two people here.

Xia Pingan and Ming Ruolan said something. After the two talked a few words, Ming Ruolan laughed and left. Only Xia Pingan returned to the restaurant.

Yan Duo couldn't help but leaned over immediately, and asked in a low voice, "You and Ming Ruolan have known each other a long time ago?"

"The first time I spoke today!" Xia Pingan shrugged.

"Then what is she..."

"That girl is special, different!"

"What's special?"

"I promised her to keep a secret for her!"

Yan Duo grinned badly and winked at Xia Pingan, looking like a deserves a beating, "You won't promise her, will you?"

"What do you promise?"


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