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Glorious Summoner Chapter 163

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"This person trespassed at Wan Songyuan in our Tang Family, Elder Lu asked me to return him to Xing Law Hall..." dark faced youth Tang Long was bringing Xia Pingan to Tang Family After the castle, I came directly to the Xing Law Hall.

Up to this time, Xia Pingan's hands were still tied.

"Are they the wandering summoners again..." A middle-aged man with a moustache in the Xing Law Hall came over and looked at Xia Pingan from head to toe. "These days There have been many such characters in the city. Is there anything else Elder Lu has to explain?"

"There is nothing special to explain!"

"Well, I understand , Just leave it to us!" The mustache man laughed and waved his hand. Two dísciples from the Xing Law Hall came over, holding two silver white strange metal rings as wide as one finger. There are chains, similar to handcuffs, which are directly put on Xia Pingan's hands and wrists, and ka-cha's life is locked.

As soon as the metal ring was locked, Xia Pingan felt that her divine force and physical strength were completely imprisoned at once, and the strength of her body could not be used. The divine force in the secret mandala was also frozen. .

Tang Long waved his hand, and the rope tied with Xia Pingan flew back to his hand. "This person has space equipment and weapons in it. You have to search, don’t let He took advantage of it!"

The man waved his hand and said to the dísciple of the two criminal law halls, "Take him through the empty door and put him in prison!"

"Yes !"

Xia Pingan was escorted by the dísciple of the two Xing Law Halls and walked towards a room in the Xing Law Hall, and then came to an empty room, the room is a bit strange, the whole room There was only a two-meter-high metal arch in the middle of the room, and the two dísciples of the Xing Law Hall escorted Xia Pingan through the metal arch.

At the moment of passing through that metal door, Xia Pingan felt like she had entered Space Crack again, feeling weightless for an instant. Everything he put in the Space Warehouse was shocked. , It burst out of the Space Warehouse, and oh la la fell to the ground with a cry.

Those things are lost, Xia Pingan doesn't feel distressed at all. It's just that this World's various methods to deal with summoners have opened Xia Pingan's eyes.

"Is this guy selling weapons? Why is there so many things on his body?" Looking at the swords, guns and ammunition that exploded all over the floor, the two Xing Law Hall dísciple escorted Xia Pingan also Stunned, a dísciple from Xinglutang fiddled with the things on the ground with his feet, curl one's lip disdainfully, "They are all ordinary goods, there is no Magical Artifact!"

"Okay, These wandering summoners are poor ghosts, where is there any good thing, put him in prison!"

Two people took Xia Pingan out of the room, w

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