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Glorious Summoner Chapter 158

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The cold water was sprayed from the head, Xia Pingan tilted her head up and stood in the bathroom, letting the cold water droplets fall from her body...

Xia Pingan's body is not sturdy, and the muscles on his body are at least not as exaggerated as a bodybuilder, but the muscles on his body are distinct, like carved from marble, full of a kind of rigid and soft charm.

Under the cold water droplets, the Fudo Myoji tattoo on Xia Pingan's back became more vivid.

Water droplets can not only wash the dust and sweat on the body, but also calm down the human spirit and brain.

Just this afternoon, Xia Pingan completed two days of study. Tomorrow morning, 54 people who participated in the "Sky Patching Project" will enter Space Crack in batches and go to the unfathomable world. .

According to the chief researcher of the base, the official name of the world opposite Space Crack is Yuanqiu.

Yuanqiu, this is a strange name with an oriental charm. No one knows why the world is called Yuanqiu. The two words Yuanqiu are recorded in the ancient book of the world, the people of the world I rarely use it. For people in that world, they prefer to call the place where they are.

Yuanqiu is too big. Until now, the first four groups of people who entered Yuanqiu didn’t know how big the world was. There are nine continents discovered in Yuanqiu, each of them. The area easily exceeds the total land area of ​​Earth.

Yuanqiu’s summoner can be a god. At the same time, the world is also full of ordinary people’s unimaginable creatures and demons and ghosts. Yuanqiu does not have nuclear power. I don’t know why. Unable to use electricity.

The first few batches of elites who entered Yuanqiu, including some scientists and Peak engineers, once envisioned Yuanqiu into the era of electrification, creating a technological empire in that world, and then using The power of science and technology went to find and destroy the Tower of Darkness, but this plan undoubtedly failed.

When a world cannot use electricity, there is no modern technology.

Coal and steam are the most commonly used energy sources in that world. Guns, gunpowder, cars, and trains are available in that world. The level of technological development of that world is equivalent to this world’s first industry. The revolutionary period was almost the same.

The summoner who wants to enshrine the gods, all kinds of demons and ghosts, as well as guns, steam engines, ships and trains, the world feels a little magical.

Various family powers of large and small, sect worshiping various gods, countries of various polities, sect, mercenary group... The world is not generally complicated.

In that world summoner, not only have to face all kinds of monsters, but the wars and struggles between human beings are also extremely fierce.

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