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Glorious Summoner Chapter 180

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Blood Demon Religion?

Xia Pingan has never heard of it!

But looking at Lan Fearless's tone, it seems that I should have heard of it.

Between Xia Pingan thoughts are revolving, she smiled bitterly, and said to Blue Fearless, "I was in the Southern Territory before, and I have lost souls, and I can’t remember many things. This Blood Demon Religion seems to have heard I've been, but I can't remember it specifically!"

"Are you at fault with spiritism?" Lan fearless was a little surprised.

"Well, after waking up, I found that I was robbed, and then I can't remember many things before!"

"No wonder!" Lan fearless nodded, then explained, "This Blood Demon Religion is sinister and weird. It is one of Yuanqiu’s oldest Demon Sects. The Blood Demon Religion worships Demon God. It is the enemy of life and death with many sects. It is also a deadly enemy with our dark War God Cult. In the Demon Era, the bloodfiend of the Blood Demon Religion is transformed by the blood that dominates the Demon God body. The bloodfiend can make the Spiritual God pollute and degenerate. The Blood Demon Religion is best at corrupting the demon summoner, making the summoners degenerate into hidden bloodfiends, which is infinitely harmful! "

Dominate Demon God?

Xia Pingan was shocked when she heard the name again.

In Dayan, in the world he came from, the Demon Eye also worships the master Demon God, the holy presence that brings havoc, and countless space invasions, all inseparable from the master Demon God Open relationship, this time the mission to Yuanqiu is to destroy the tower of darkness in this world. Xia Pingan has always suspected that the tower of darkness may have something to do with the master Demon God. Didn’t expect to hear it again now. Dominate the name of Demon God.

Xia Pingan did not show the throbbing in her heart, but calmly continued to ask, "Then what does this Blood Demon Religion have to do with us?"

"Of course it does. !" Blue fearless said, and with a move of his hand, he took out some photos and handed them to Xia Pingan, "Look at this, these photos are the images of Blood Demon Religion's sacrifice to the Lord Demon God in Dashang Country, Blood Demon Religion As long as one of these rubbish survives, someone will continue to suffer..."

Xia Pingan took the photos and took a look, and I felt that the images on those photos were a bit familiar, and the photos were everywhere Corpses and stumps with broken arms, bloody terrifying matchless, and all the corpses were laid out in the sacrificial pattern of the eyes of the devil.

Sure enough, the Blood Demon Religion is exactly the same as the Demon's Eye. The Demon's Eye may be a replica or a branch of the Blood Demon Religion.

"Blood Demon Religion will use living people to make sacrifices. Every year countless people in Da

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