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Glorious Summoner Chapter 179

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The black box is full of allure in Xia Pingan's eyes.

It's finally time to test the strength of the Dark Shadow Guard.

The department and identity of NiuBai should naturally be treated as NiuBai. They talk about how important and how they are. After joining, the treatment is the same as that of temporary workers. They are all liars. The trick.

Xia Pingan didn't affect it, and opened the box directly in front of the blue fearless.

The box is divided into several layers. After opening, on the 1st floor of the box, the first thing that comes into view is a piece of golden light glittering Gold Coin.

All the Gold Coins are tired together. Rolls are placed in a grid with grooves. Each roll of Gold Coins is 50. The neat and tidy look pleasing to the eye. There are a total of 6 rolls of Gold Coin, a full 300 Gold Coin, almost 15kg weight.

For an ordinary person, this is already a fortune, and for Xia Pingan, it can also temporarily relieve his urgent need.

In the upper capital, everything costs money.

But this is only the 1st floor of that box.

Close the 1st floor and Xia Pingan opens the Second Layer.

In the Second Layer of the box, there are three things. The one on the far left is a black alien mask. The alien animal looks like a lion and there is a unicorn on the forehead. The mask looks mysterious. And majestic.

Beside the mask, there is a black book with golden text on the cover. Next to the book, there is a black token. The aesthetic styles of the three are very consistent.

The black cover book has three golden words "Shen Yanlu". The black tokens are exquisite and unusual. The tokens are carved with complicated golden patterns. Those patterns form a dark War. The divine throne of God Cult is the logo of the divine throne. Under the divine throne, there is a golden star, and under the star there is the word "auxiliary".

"What is this?" Xia Pingan asked.

"This black one-horned Haechi mask is the standard equipment of the Judging Army when performing tasks. You are a member of the Judging Army. This is also your thing. "The Word of God" is a dark War God. The quotations of the Dark War God that everyone in Cult pursue is a classic holy word that everyone in the church must remember. That token is your identity in the ruling army. The identity of the summoner who has just joined the ruling army is black. clothed priest, you joined the Shadow Guard and showed outstanding performance. The adults admire you very much, so you directly set your teaching title as an adjunct. I hope you don’t let the adults down!"

Auxiliary, above the priest , Is already the sectarian class of the Dark War God Cult. Although it is only the beginning, it is already different.

"All those who join the Judging Army will go to the church to study the Three Months of "Shen Yan Lu"

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