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Glorious Summoner Chapter 182

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"dīng líng líng ……dīng líng líng ……"

The carriage stopped, and the driver who drove the car skilfully jumped out of the car and pulled the car Bell, opened the car door for Xia Pingan, "guest, the place is..."

Xia Pingan got out of the car, paid the money, and the driver drove away with the carriage.

The place where Xia Pingan got off is a town on the eastern outskirts of Shangjing City. The town is still lively, and the traffic on the street is full of carriages for food delivery from north to south. Going east from this town, there are large tracts of farmland and farms. Many of the vegetables grown in the farmers' fields will be sent to the city through the town.

If there are more carriages, horse manure and urine will increase on the asphalt road.

The atmosphere of the city and the countryside blends perfectly here.

It’s noon, under the transpiration of the sun, the road in the town exudes a smell of horse manure, which is not pleasant, and beside the horse manure and horse urine, all kinds of small Snacks in the small restaurant are set up on the street, and everyone is used to it.

The house here is neither too good nor too bad. It is also a distance from the city and the price is not expensive. The house Xia Pingan asked an agent to find before is in a used building in the town. Not inside an old apartment building.

Living in this town, most of them are locals in the upper capital, and many of them do all kinds of small businesses.

Xia Pingan, who got off the carriage, just walked a few tens of meters and arrived at the apartment building where he lived. It was a 5-Layer high building with brand new gray walls. The apartment building was in The street is like a city wall. The window is facing the street outside. Most of the people who rent in this kind of small apartment are all kinds of office workers and migrant workers working in the capital city. , And because it’s cheap to live here.

Several fruit sellers set up stalls in front of the apartment building, and the uncle of the apartment building janitor was playing chess with a few old men, and didn't even look at the people entering and leaving the apartment.

Xia Pingan entered the apartment building and walked up the stairs to the third floor.

The ground on both sides of the corridor of the apartment building was piled up with blocks of coal similar to Hexagonal Household Coal Briquette, and a lot of clothes were dried on the clothes rail on the side of the apartment’s patio.

There is a gray-black coal delivery worker carrying coal to deliver it. In some apartments there is the smell of fried rice and cooking, there are arguing between men and women, and there are children crying...

This apartment building is full of people, and it's full of the atmosphere of the city.

Xia Pingan’s rented room

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