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Glorious Summoner Chapter 178

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To deal with these bullies and gangsters who are usually afraid of being tough and brave, it is useless to be reasonable, and making them afraid is the most effective dialogue.

Seeing that these choppy pieces in front of me were suppressed by myself, I didn't dare to step forward. Xia Pingan just spit out a word, "Go...", the rest Everyone didn't dare to say a word of anger, so they backed up one by one, wanting to cover head and sneaked away like a rat.

"Take this person away..." Xia Pingan said, and directly threw the choppy who had fainted towards the gangsters.

People who weigh seventy-eighty kg were thrown away by Xia Pingan and smashed like a bag of rubbish. They smashed other scumbags and fell to the ground. After getting up, Those scumbags carried the fainted guy and slipped straight out of the alley without daring to look back.

Xia Pingan walked to the woman and said, "Are you okay..."

Under the faint moonlight, you can see that the woman’s hair is a bit messy, with a few strands of black show. With her hair hanging down her face, the hat that the woman had worn before had fallen to the ground, and it had been stepped on to a filthy dirt. The two buttons of the coat she was wearing had been torn off.

Under the woman’s coat are black skirts and white high heels. She fell into that dirty alley, revealing a pair of smooth and pleasant calves, and her plump and white thighs were also faintly exposed. The collar of the coat with the buttons off was opened, revealing the snow-white shirt and a pale-yellow tight sweater inside, making it difficult to cover up a good figure. The woman is weak, but still beautiful, like a swan in a mire, her face There was a residual panic on his expression, but he was not completely lost, and he had recovered some calmness.

"Can you help me get up..." The woman's voice is very nice, beautiful browses slightly wrinkle, "My leg just...twisted..."

Xia Pingan stretched out With a hand out, the woman grabbed Xia Pingan's hand and stood up with some difficulty.

"Thank you, my name is Wei Meiyu..." The woman looked at Xia Pingan gratefully. She had recognized Xia Pingan as the passenger who had just taken the ferry with her. Xia Pingan was sitting behind the ferry. It's not conspicuous at all, just like an ordinary late return worker, unlike rays of light ten thousand zhang at this moment, "didn't expect we could meet twice tonight, if it weren't for you, I'm afraid..."

If Xia Pingan doesn't show up, you can know the rest of the matter with your heels. The fate of this woman will be very miserable tonight. Thinking of what might happen later, the woman can't help but shudder.

"You're welcome!" Xia Pingan looked at the surroundings of the alley. On both sides of the alley is a low-rise factory building and other buildings. It is black and light, no

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