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Glorious Summoner Chapter 181

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Xia Pingan walked out of the fearless fast after more than ten minutes.

Xia Pingan, who walked out of the fearless studio, was both excited and a little heavy.

The task of breaking into the Blood Demon Religion is not so easy to complete. This is a tightrope walk.

There are some words about blue fearless, although they are more euphemistic, but Xia Pingan still understands the meaning behind it. Shadow Guard is rewarded for meritorious service, and punished if it is done. If the mission is not for a long time, Progress, the resources that I will get from the Dark Shadow Guard in the future are estimated to be very limited. If there is no credit, would you like a bird's world pearl resource?

There are two disadvantages of this mission. Once the mission starts, if you really come into contact with the people of the Blood Demon Religion, you will put yourself in danger, and you will not get the Judgment Army and With the support of any official power in Dashang Country, those powers may still stand on their opposites on the surface.

The second disadvantage is that once your identity is exposed, you will die. His current life is in the hands of the people above. The Blood Demon Religion and the Lord Lin Yi on the Judgment Army, and even It is the blue fearless who may kill his own.

Let your own life rest in the hands of others, this is what Xia Pingan dislikes the most.

However, this task also has three advantages. One of the benefits is that there is no mandatory time requirement for the task. Everything depends on yourself. If you are a salted fish, you can completely ignore this task. Jingcheng can do whatever he wants, and at the same time he can retain the official identity of the Dark Shadow Guard, which is a good thing for some people.

The second benefit of this mission is that if you can really get close to the Blood Demon Religion, you may be able to detect some information about the Tower of Darkness from the Blood Demon Religion. This is yourself Coming to the highest task of this World, this task is related to the safety of countless people in another world, and Xia Pingan dare not forget it all the time.

The third benefit of this task is that if you really make a good result, if you really break into the Blood Demon Religion, then your status and importance in the Dark Shadow Guard It will improve again, and the resources that can be mobilized will also increase sharply.

This is the two sides of things. Once you choose to accept it, you have to accept its good and bad at the same time.

Xia Pingan was silent, thinking in the heart, from the other side of Bailing Lane to Qianyuan Street outside.

I found a lively restaurant on Qianyuan Street, ate a cage of steamed buns and drank some millet porridge, then looked at the black box I put in the Space Warehouse, X

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