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Glorious Summoner Chapter 184

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Xia Pingan’s apartment is small, but the upper capital is huge!

When Xia Pingan was bathing in a Yang God spring in his small apartment he rented, in the underground of the capital, the ordinary person had never heard of it but had never been to the darkness. Land, a fierce battle is about to begin.

There are almost tens of thousands of densely packed magic fire spiders and magic liquid spiders crawling out of the magic cave of Underground World.

The target of these magic fire spiders and magic liquid spiders is a majestic and fiery city of steel located under the upper capital.

The big spiders who crawled out of the dark caves and various caves, crawled through the dark cracks and rock walls full of monster bones, from the ground, from the rock walls all around, moved towards that city of steel advances.

The whole underground is full of rustling noises made by those spiders marching, like quicksand and mudslides moving towards the city of steel surging in the dark underground.

The city of steel has steep walls more than fifty meters high. The city wall, like a warrior in armor, is covered with chunks of rough but hard steel. Armor.

In a frenzy inside the city, the smoke from the steam makes the city wall steamy, like in a thick fog.

The abnormal movement of the monsters has been discovered. The steam boilers in the city wall are beginning to pressurize, and the powerful city defense equipment is being activated. On the city wall of the steel city, there are six or seven on the city wall. The ten-meter-long high arrow tower, like a giant's arm, is driven by steam, gears and mechanical devices. It rises from the city wall, baring fangs and brandishing claws, moving towards the outside of the city, extending towards the outside, like a porcupine. The thorns on his body, like the lance held by an octopus, were aimed at the big spiders surging from the caves and caves in the distance.

On those moving arrow towers, one after another aperture rises, and each summoner has begun to prepare for spells.

On the city wall, the high temperature and red light generated by the steelmaking furnace make the red light skyrocket in the misty steam.

The smelted steel is poured down along the one after another groove on the city wall, repairing the damage on the city wall, and also bringing stronger defense to the city wall.

Such battles are often encountered in Underground City.

One by one, the soldiers wearing armor and holding heavy muskets have all gone to the Tibetan soldiers' cave of the castle tower and entered the fighting state.

The reserve team of the ruling army's powerful summoner is ready to go.

On the city wall, rows of black muzzle windows opened, and the muzzle of a murderous-looking cannon protruded from the city wall. The artillery was ready.

The big

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