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Glorious Summoner Chapter 176

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"chi..." The long sword in Xia Pingan's hand is like a snake, in a flash, it penetrates a man's head, and the man just wanted to reach out from him Pull out the pistol.

At the same time, the two elite slave soldiers from Xia Pingan summon threw their guns in the horrified eyes of several men in the room.

In a short distance of a few meters, the elite slaves shot their guns. The sharp heads of the guns directly pierced the chests of the two men who just wanted to stand up. The huge force of the shots directly He took the bodies of those two people and flew back, and hit the wall behind him hard.

The spear of the elite slave soldier can kill the magic rat, and the spear is nothing difficult to deal with the ordinary person.

The two elite slave soldiers who threw two guns rushed forward, and the long Ge pierced out of their hands, directly piercing the neck of a man who just wanted to get up, and Chang Ge picked it up. The man's neck was almost cut in half, and the whole person was picked up by Chang Ge, the elite slave soldier. He was flying in the air and fell heavily to the ground.

There is another man who wants to run. He has reached the window, but he is chased by another elite slave soldier. The elite slave soldier is still a few meters away, separated by a table, Chang Ge hooked his head like a sickle, hooked the man’s thigh, and pulled back. The man groaned and fell to the ground. Before he got up, Chang Ge’s Ge The head was chiseled down from the air like a chisel, and directly penetrated the back of his head, then he was nailed to the ground.

For these gangsters who are rampant in the port area and can only bully women, the two elite slave soldiers in the room are no less than the killing gods with red light flashing in their eyes.

"Who you are, we have nothing wrong..." In the room, a man pushed to the chair behind him, and the whole person backed away with a horrified expression. He asked, trying to escape.

Xia Pingan is like a tiger, kicking on the table in the room, the whole person rushes over. Before that person pushes to the door, the long sword in Xia Pingan's hand is like a meteor. It pierced the man's throat directly, and the man clutched his neck, his eyes widened, watching Xia Pingan slowly fall down.

In the next second, the long sword in Xia Pingan's hand was thrown out, and the long sword turned into a cold light, directly touching a man ten meters away who was trembling and just about to take out the pistol. With a hole in his chest, the man also slowly fell to the ground.

"I'm fighting with you..." A man in a short coat had red eyes and burst out of great potential in fear. He actually took out a short blade moved towards the one standing at the door. Xia Pingan rushed over.

Xia Pingan stared at the man coldly, just like watching an ant, until the m

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