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Glorious Summoner Chapter 172

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Faced with Qu Youqian who asked about his plan, Xia Pingan thought for a while, and said, "I have no specific plans yet. I am going to settle down in Shangjing first!"

"Brother Xia is not going to leave Shangjing for the time being?" Qu Youqian asked again.

Xia Pingan shook the head, "The capital city is extremely prosperous, and it’s not easy to come here. It’s a shame to leave like this. I’m not going to leave for the time being. What about you, Brother Qu, what do you plan to do? "

Qu Youqian rubbed his face, "I told Brother Xia before that I have a friend who became a Bounty Hunter. I'm going to try it out. Brother Xia, would you like to join me?"

Xia Pingan looked up at the sun hanging in the sky, and touched his stomach again. After working here this morning, he was hungry. "Let’s take a look again. Now time It’s not too early. Let’s find a place to eat first. It’s rare to know Brother Qu. For today’s meal, I’ll invite Brother Qu!"

"hahaha, okay, walk around, I just know There is a place nearby, called Liuxianlou. I heard that the braised sauce and drunken wine in Liuxianlou have unique characteristics, so let’s try it!"

"hahaha, brother Qu leads the way That’s fine!"

Qu Youqian took Xia Pingan to Liuxianlou. After the two had a meal, they came out of Liuxianlou. It was already afternoon.

Liuxianlou’s Drunken Immortal Liquor is really unique. The physique of Xia Pingan is almost immune to ordinary alcohol. But after drinking two pots of Drunken Immortal Liquor, Xia Pingan also feels like it. His face was a little hot, Divine Consciousness was slightly smoked, and there was a hint of drunkenness.

"In the capital city, the prices are so high, it is not easy to stay..." Qu Youqian still has a little alcoholic spirit on his body. He burped and talked to Xia Pingan through the spirit of alcohol. "Brother Xia wants to settle down in the upper capital, but he still has to rent a place to live. It is not convenient to live in ordinary hotels and hotels. Those high-end hotels are too expensive. Renting is the most suitable. The houses in the suburbs are cheaper. The more expensive the one near the center of Shangjing City, if Brother Xia wants to rent a house, he can ask a toothman to help. Just give some money and you will find it soon!"

"Many thanks Brother Qu told me, I’m going to find a cheap place to settle down in the suburbs!"

"I recently rented a small courtyard at No. 112 Feiyan Road, Yanlai Town, suburb of Shangjing City. If Brother Xia doesn’t dislike it, you can Come find me, let's squeeze, it's okay!"

"Stop disturbing Brother Qu, let me find a place to live by myself!"

"hahaha, Let's see bye if it's fate!"

The two bid farewell at the entrance of the restaurant.

In the afternoon, people coming, people going on the street, there was a hustle and bustle

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