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Glorious Summoner Chapter 175

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Xia Pingan used his remote viewing ability to stare at Xu Gui for three days.

In these three days, Xia Pingan finally learned how Xu Gui tricked and trafficked the women who came to the capital.

Shangjingcheng is the prosperous and prosperous place of Dashang Country. Therefore, almost every day, there are countless women with various ideas pouring into this city from all directions.

Many women have not been here before they came to the capital. They all heard that there are many wealthy families in the capital. Not only is it easy to make money in the capital, but if one is not careful, they may fly to the branches. Become Phoenix.

The women who came to the capital alone or on a boat with one or two female companions were the targets of Xu Gui and his men.

Xu Gui’s men opened a dental shop in the dock area, and the dental shop was equivalent to an intermediary company, promising to find jobs for those who came here. There are many people in the dental shop every day. Look for targets on the wharf, and see those women who are single or one or two who are coming together, the people in the tooth line talk to them and promise them to find a nanny, maid or maid in the upper capital. The benefits are high and the treatment is high. Well, it's still a big family.

Many women come to Beijing for the first time and have no other ability to earn a living. They are looking for this kind of ordinary job. They will be excited when they hear the introduction of Yaxing, and then Yaxing will deceive people. OK, sign a contract, train for a few days, and then send people to those brothels in the capital to do things like maids.

For most women who are new to the brothel, they are resistant at the beginning, but once they want to go back, the dental office will immediately come up with a contract, and they will let them if they don’t work. They lose money.

Many women will succumb at this time, thinking about at worst staying in the brothel for a while before leaving. But when the woman thinks so, it's over.

The environment of a brothel is a big dyeing vat for women.

Women who work as maids, see that they work hard in a brothel to get up, early and greedy and wait on people for a month. The money they make for a month is not as much as other women who lie down in one night. When they are psychologically unbalanced, they are very It is easy to be pulled into the water and walk on the Road of No Return.

There are a few staunch people who want to go back, and the dental office takes out the contract and asks the woman to pay the money for tearing the contract, and the woman will also carry usury. At this time, Xu Gui and him One more tricks from his subordinates, intimidation and intimidation, 95% of women will not pass this second test and will return to the brothel again.

Many women com

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