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Glorious Summoner Chapter 171

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The two people in the ruling army took Xia Pingan and other 12 people who had passed the previous four levels to another place.

This place is located in a bamboo forest in the military camp. The environment is quite quiet. A 7-Layer treasure tower with a white exterior wall and shallow blue glazed tiles stands in front of everyone.

The glazed tower is very beautiful, exquisite and solemn.

The two men in the ruling army took Xia Pingan and the others directly into the beautiful tower.

In the middle of the hall on the 1st floor of the treasure tower, there is a huge black crystal ball with a diameter of more than two meters. The black crystal ball is filled with mist and fog, constantly multi-colored. Guanghua suddenly rises and disappears in the crystal ball, which seems quite mysterious.

An old man wearing a white robe and a strange white top hat on his head stood by the huge black crystal ball, closing his eyes and meditating until Xia Pingan and they entered the tower. The old man opened his eyes, stood up, and glanced at Xia Pingan with a pair of calm and composed eyes.

"Are these twelve people today?" the old man said.

"Yes, I will trouble you to check again!" The two adjudicators who came here with Xia Pingan were very polite to the old man, and they spoke in honorifics.

"Well, let's come!" The old man walked to the black crystal ball lazily, put a hand on the black crystal ball, and glanced here. .

"You all go over, each stretch out one hand on the crystal ball!"

Hearing this, Xia Pingan and they walked over, each stretched out One hand touched the crystal ball.

This last level, Xia Pingan heard Jing Lao said, Jing Lao said that the last level to join the Judging Army is to drop blood and ask the heart.

This strange crystal ball in front of me is a magical thing called a soul crystal. The old man wearing white cloth is the chosen priest of the Dark War Cult. In the Dark War God Cult, The chosen priests are people who can communicate with the Dark War God with their souls. They are the most devout believers of the Dark War God. They are also called soul ferrymen.

Xia Pingan just put her hand on the huge crystal ball, and that huge crystal ball suddenly produced a strange suction force. Xia Pingan's hand was like a sucker. The same, impossible to move even a little bit, and at the same time the mist in the huge black crystal ball rolled and turned into twelve sharp thorns, extending from the crystal ball to the outside.

Xia Pingan only felt a slight tingling in the palm of her hand, and she was pierced in a small mouth by the spike in the huge crystal ball, and a drop of blood was sucked in by the huge crystal ball.

Not only Xia Pingan, other people's palms were also punctured at the same time.

"Our god walks in the darkness, and there is light

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