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Glorious Summoner Chapter 174

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fearless can really pawn rune bullets in the fast.

When Xia Pingan took out some rune bullets to pawn, Lan Fearless looked at him in surprise. He originally thought Xia Pingan was going to leave after taking the task, didn't expect Xia Pingan I really took out some yellow-orange rune bullets.

"I just came to Beijing and I really lack money..." Xia Pingan said.

Blue fearless picked up a rune bullet and looked at it carefully, nodded, "You rune bullet is good, the rune divine force on the bullet is smart and smooth, it can be regarded as the fine product in the rune bullet, which is solidified on it. It is the Fireball Technique. It is very useful when facing many low-level monsters. This bullet can also be used as an incendiary. Both the summoner and the ordinary person can be used. This thing consumes a lot in the capital city. The Underground City of the capital city and those island defense lines You can use it, did you make this thing?"

"Yes!" Xia Pingan nodded, the Underground City and the island defense line that Blue Fearless said just now made him move in his heart. He had listened to the scene before. I have always said that there is an Underground City underground in the capital city, which is suppressing the magic cave. Moreover, Shanghai Jingdong faces the sea. Some monsters in the sea will come ashore from time to time to harass. Dashang Country is guarded by navy and summoner on some islands to the east. Can I use rune bullets for the Underground City and the Island Defense Line?"

"You can use it. There are many low-level monsters in the Underground City and the sea. The military and the church will regularly supply rune bullets to the Underground City and the island garrison. If you want to sell rune bullets in the future, you can go to the fearless fast. This thing just can provide you with cover and make you come here to be justified. I can open up and buy 17 Silver Coins at the market price!"

17 Silver Coins, a rune bullet? Xia Pingan nodded, the price is 1 Silver Coin more than what he sold before.

In the agreed currency system of this World, Gold Coin and Silver Coin are exchanged at 50 times. One Gold Coin can be exchanged for 50 standard face value Silver Coin, while Silver Coin and Copper Coin The exchange rate is 100 times. After adapting these days, Xia Pingan found that in terms of purchasing power, the purchasing power of this World’s Gold Coin is still very strong. The price of a cow is about one Gold Coin. Many ordinary people do it. A person’s salary may not be able to earn a Gold Coin.

About 3 rune bullets can be exchanged for a Gold Coin. As long as you consume some divine force to make a few rune bullets every month, it is not difficult to settle down in the capital.

This is the advantage of being skilled!

"Will you normally receive the world beads

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