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Glorious Summoner Chapter 173

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Bypassing a large screen, the little servant took Xia Pingan directly to the front hall of Fearless Zhai.

The front hall of Fearless Zhai is clean and tidy. There are two hanging baskets. In the front hall is an ebony wooden table and two stools. The front of the front hall is a pawnshop counter with a neck as high as a person. A man is standing at the counter, his neck raised, standing on tiptoes like a goose.

Behind the counter is a middle age person in his forties who is slightly fat and wearing a pair of tortoiseshell glasses and a black felt hat. The middle age person is holding a pocket watch with a silver chain in his hand. , Was winding the clockwork of the pocket watch, and put the pocket watch in his ear to listen, and then condescendingly said to the person who came to the pawn.

"Guest, the watch cover of your watch is seriously worn out, and it is a little old, the spring inside is a little old, and the elasticity is not good. Although the watch can still run, but every day The time difference is estimated to be much larger than that of the new watch, so let me give you an estimate of 30 Silver Coins for this watch. According to our pawnshop’s rules, it can only be sold at 60% of the price, and I will give you 18 Silver Coin, how about it?"

"This watch is still new. From the shopkeeper, you look at the painting on the dial. Inside, there is a gold-plated cloisonné enamel dial. The chain of this pocket watch is also made of sterling silver, but This chain is worth a few Silver Coins. Shopkeeper’s. Give me more. These 18 Silver Coins are too few. When I bought it, it cost me more than 40 Silver Coins..." That pawn The man with the pocket watch pleaded sadly.

"I can only add 1 Silver Coin to you, 19, no more!" The middle-aged man shook the head behind the counter put the pocket watch on the counter, "If you feel low, you can go to other pawn shops!"

"Okay, then 19 Silver Coins!" The person in charge said quickly.

"Bill him..." The middle-aged man took the watch to another person in his twenties next to the counter, asked that person to bill the person who was the watch, and then looked towards Xia Pingan here.

Xia Pingan noticed that when the shopkeeper saw himself, the pupils in his eyes changed slightly. An ordinary person might not be able to detect such a change, but for Xia Pingan, people’s emotions and some The movement of the mind is easiest to see from the changes in the pupils.

Is this shopkeeper his own contact person? Looking at the pawn bargain of this shopkeeper just now, I really cut a good hand of leeks.

"The shopkeeper, this guest is going to be a top-notch!" The little boy said to the shopkeeper behind the counter.

Sharp goods are the jargon in the pawn shop, those valuable things, the special items that the summoner can use, are all sharp goods.

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