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Glorious Summoner Chapter 177

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When Xia Pingan was sitting in a four-wheeled carriage and moved towards Yuhong Road Wharf, in the secret mandala of Xia Pingan, a few farmers who came out of summon Is busy alive.

In the secret warehouse, in addition to the corpses that Xia Pingan put inside, there are also some handcuffs and fetters that Xia Pingan had previously entered in the warehouse of Yahang.

Those handcuffs and shackles are iron, quite heavy. These things are what Yaxing usually uses to detain and intimidate those women. Once a woman in unyielding clothes is caught by Yaxing people, The dentist would put those women in handcuffs and shackles and lock them in their own warehouses to intimidate, abuse and torture them until the women surrendered.

Several farmers in the secret mandala are putting those handcuffs and shackles on the corpses-they are regarded as returning to the original owner.

It didn’t take long for the carriage to arrive at the Yuhong Road Wharf. Xia Pingan got off the carriage. At the wharf, I spent more than a dozen copper plates and bought ferry tickets, just in time for tonight. The last ferry.

I didn’t wait for a few minutes when I got on the ferry. The steam ferry buzzed twice at the pier, black smoke came out from the chimney of the ferry, and the steam generator on the ferry was spinning and driving. Paddle, the ferry that had already boarded at a glance was like a staggering Old Ox leaving the dock, moved towards the opposite bank of the Qin'an River.

Water splashes on the river!

Xia Pingan sits at the stern of the ferry.

On the last ferry tonight, there are less than one third full of people on the ferry. The ferry is full of night return people who are working hard in the capital. Several stevedores are leaning on Xia. On the chair in front of Pingan, as soon as the boat sailed, he snored and fell asleep. He still had half-eaten bread in his hand...

There were several factory workers who were still carrying them. Wearing overalls, sitting together tired, talking in a low voice about the deduction of overtime wages in the factory...

A policeman who just got off work took off his hat and sat at the front of the ferry. The policeman's body is slightly fatter, and from behind, he already has a layer of white hair on his head. The hat and collar of the police uniform are covered with a layer of white salt soaked in sweat.

There are a few students who seem to be studying in the capital.

There are two other women, one looks like a salesperson in a shopping mall, sitting on the ferry rubbing her numb calf, and another woman is a little pretty, that woman is in her twenties. In his grade, he was wearing a blue overcoat and a beige hat with a wide brim. His face was exquisite, and there was a hint of intellectual aura in his temperament. His brows were slightly frowned, and he

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