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Glorious Summoner Chapter 135

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The demon wolf mage is the mage of the demon wolf race in space invading creatures, and the demon wolf family is a bit like the werewolves mentioned in Earth’s previous uploads. The genes of this race allow them to It usually exists as a human, and only at certain times will it transform into a demon wolf.

Compared with the invading creatures of the magic rat and the magic fire spider, the demon wolf clan is more terrifying, more concealed, and has greater destructive power.

In addition to the demon wolf mage, there is also a demon wolf warrior.

A large group of summoners arrived, and several officers of 87 Legion came, and the originally peaceful military camp had been broken.

Under the light of the torch, looking at the corpse of the demon wolf mage on the ground turned into pieces, all the people who came were facial expression graves, and there was a chill in their hearts.

"...Too many people had fled to the Yunwan Mountain base before, and we were unable to verify the identities of all of them. Among those people, there was actually a member of the demon wolf clan! "Colonel Wang Cheng said with a look of fear, "If this person weren't found tonight, let him stay in the base, I don't know what else to do..."

"Base There are a lot of summoners inside, so this person has never dared to act rashly, let alone use spells easily. It's just that JS had a woman, and didn't expect it was discovered by the summer priest!" A summoner also has lingering fears, "the demon wolf mage and The demon wolf warrior is an existence that specializes in hunting and assassinating the Human Race summoner among invading creatures. They are the enemies of all summoners. If this guy is not killed by the summer priest, I don’t know how many people will suffer in the future..."

At this moment, Xue Sidao came out of the crowd, with a light on his hand, he looked at the corpse fragments on the ground, then looked at Xia Pingan, slightly held breath cold air.

"How is the situation in the town?" Xia Pingan asked directly.

"Everything in the town is normal, no one ran away, and no abnormal divine force fluctuations..." Xue Sidao replied. The task Xue Sidao received before was to let him be responsible for monitoring the situation in the town tonight. If you start here and get results, see if there are any abnormalities in the town. This is an arrangement made by Xia Pingan to prevent the shooter from having hidden accomplices in the Yunwan Mountain base.

"It seems that there is only one demon wolf mage who came to the Yunwan Mountain base, and there are no other accomplices. Don’t worry too much, just let it go. What should we do? We have a lot of people’s congresses. Gathering here in the middle of the night, I'm afraid it will make the residents of the town panic!" Xia Pingan said to everyone.

The summo

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