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Glorious Summoner Chapter 139

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The demon wolf warrior and the demon wolf mage are chasing Yan Duo.

The bullet with flames and Icicle one after another exploded one by one in front of and behind Yan Duo.

Snowflakes are all over the sky, and the explosions are endless...

The guy Yan Duo ran and counterattacked. Xia Pingan found that Yan Duo seemed to have a space equipment on his body. The weapon in hand, first changed from a pistol to a long sword, and then from a long sword to a shotgun. With one shot, or a Fireball Technique, a demon wolf warrior will turn into a fireball. open.

The speed of demon wolf warrior is very fast, but the firearm of their hand is not fast. After each shot, the firearm of the demon wolf warrior must be reloaded with ammunition. It’s a bit like an old-fashioned flintlock gun. It’s charged first, then reloaded. After doing this, the rate of fire slows down...

The demon wolf warrior still carries something like horns on its back. They can charge medicine while running. When charging, they just pour the contents of the horns into the barrel and tamping it firmly.

Yan Duo’s shotgun and Fireball Technique detonated what was in the horns.

In the blink of an eye, Yan Duo rushed to a 5-Layer-high building in a village, and the demon wolf warriors followed him in a swarm.

A few seconds later, Yan Duo rushed to the top of the building. With a change in his hand, he immediately took out a special crossbow. He ran and moved the crossbow towards Liuqi. A shot was shot from the roof of another house ten meters away.

The strong crossbow is shot, the head of the crossbow arrow becomes a flying claw, and there is a black thread in the tail section. After the crossbow arrow hits the roof of the house in the distance, the flying claw catches it. After reaching a fence on the roof, Yan Duo ran and pulled the wire, and found that the grip was quite strong. He grabbed the wire of the flying claw and jumped down from the fifth floor, and the person quickly landed a few meters above the ground in the air. After leaving the building behind him, he immediately threw all the demon wolves behind him.

This guy Yan Duo is really slippery.

The demon wolves rushed to the top of the building to find that Yan Duo had escaped from the top of the building, and arrogantly wanted to get down from the building.

And at this time, Xia Pingan shot.

Just now when Yan Duo was escaping, Xia Pingan also touched it out of the room and hid behind a house not far away. Those demon wolves were chasing Yan Duo, but simply didn't find this. In the small village in the wilderness, there is actually a summoner hidden.

Looking at a lot of demon wolf rushing to the building of the 5-Layer building, Xia Pingan took out a single cloud bomb and carried it to the 5-Layer building. The building of the building was released.

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