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Glorious Summoner Chapter 138

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Space Crack is extremely busy. There are too many people from the demon wolf clan that emerged from Space Crack. Behind Space Crack is like a hell full of demons and ghosts. Numerous demon wolves kept pouring out of it.

Just when Xia Pingan was watching the two Space Cracks with remote viewing capabilities, Xia Pingan suddenly found that the two Space Cracks were suddenly distorted and began to have some changes.

A little golden light suddenly appeared in the originally dark Space Crack. The golden light became bigger and bigger, gradually spreading to fully illuminate the two Space Cracks. Among the golden light and shadow, one The light and shadow of the leafy trees appeared in the cracks.

Xia Pingan was shocked.

He had heard Fang Lingshan and Tu Polu talk about the disappearance of Space Crack in the Qianlong mountain range before. He didn't expect to return to Xinchuan this time and he could actually witness it with his own eyes.

Yes, the scene before him is exactly the same as Fang Lingshan and Tu Polu said.

In the light and shadow of the big tree, you can really see a silhouette sitting cross-legged under the tree.

Xia Pingan's heart beats wildly, and was startled by this scene...

When the light and shadow of the golden tree appeared, all the people of the demon wolf clan panicked. , As if foreseeing what would happen, countless people from the demon wolf clan were yelling with horror. The demon wolf near the Space Crack was desperately running far away, and the demon wolf who was still in the Space Crack desperately thinking. To run out of Space Crack.

Xia Pingan saw a demon wolf’s arms, arms, thighs, as well as demon wolf’s head and body from the space crack that became golden, and wanted to run out and squeeze out. , Rushed out, but those bodies slowly solidified and their movements became slower and slower, just like flies and reptiles solidified in quick-drying cement, one by one stopped moving.

On the surface of the Space Crack, there are countless bodies and countless arms, all stretched out, densely packed, but from which point the golden light appears, there is no more demon wolf that can get from the Space Squeezed out of Crack.

The next second, the golden light flashed in the Space Crack, the two huge permanent Space Cracks burst like two bubbles and disappear instantly...

The arms, arms, legs, half of the body, and head of the demon wolf that protruded from Space Crack, as if cut by a sharp guillotine, oh la la disappeared in Space Crack At that moment, it fell from the air like rain.

The stumps of demon wolf's arms and arms were piled on the ground into hills, hundreds of thousands, and the blood pooled into blood pools. I don't know how many demon wolves annihilated along with the Space Crack.

Before watching the demon wolf Xia Pingan in X

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