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Glorious Summoner Chapter 137

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"...The current situation is that the troops in the base still have enough food for six months, and the food supply of the more than 20,000 people is already a little tight. According to the current consumption Speed, the base people’s food storage can only last for more than four months, just wait until next spring to plant wheat, the base’s food will be completely depleted, during this period, if there are people who fled to the base, the base’s food storage It consumes faster, because the conflicts caused by food will increase..."

In the auditorium of the barracks, all the summoners in the Yunwanshan base, several officers of the army, and some people’s organizations. Representatives, a total of more than one hundred people, all gathered here, and began to discuss ways to deal with the current crisis.

The Supreme Commander of the King City is introducing the situation in the base.

The few shots yesterday exposed the food crisis that the base is facing to everyone.

The Yunwan Mountain base has a lot of ammunition, but the food stored here is limited.

After the influx of 20,000 to 30,000 people, the Yunwanshan base has run out of food. According to the plan, when the spring starts next year, everyone saves a bit and planted the first batch of spring wheat. After mixing vegetables, the food supply of the base should be gradually eased. While achieving self-sufficiency, there will be surpluses, but the current situation is not optimistic.

With the arrival of new refugees, the already tight food supply in the base suddenly became more tense.

"If hunger is allowed to spread, even if spring wheat can be planted next year, the spring wheat and other food crops on the base farm may not be able to wait for harvest..." An old man with silver hair and glasses Speaking softly, this old man is one of the representatives of the people of the base. He is a retired teacher. He is very prestigious among the people. He brought some people and reopened the school in the base.

The old man said softly, "I have been to Africa before, and I have seen the destruction caused by hunger in Africa. Hunger will turn people into wild beasts..."

"I suggest that the entrance to the Yunwan Mountain base should be completely blocked now so that no one can enter..." a strong and sturdy public representative in his thirties said directly, "I know this is cruel, but let the more More people come in, and the food crisis in the base will become more and more serious!"

"This is murder!" a public representative of a 40-year-old female with long hair said loudly," Now keeping people out of the base is what is different from sending them to death. Our sympathy, don’t forget, we were the same as them, I firmly disagree, and our sisters’ mutual aid association will not agree..."

"Put in those who are hungry, that is

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