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Glorious Summoner Chapter 136

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"How dangerous is the geographic location where the Sanmiao clan was located in the past, with Dongting Lake on the left and Penglize on the right, surrounded by two lakes, but because Sanmiao did not cultivate morality and righteousness, it was not destroyed by Yu. Already? Xia Jie’s capital is even more dangerous. With the Yellow River and Jishui on the left, Mount Tai and Huashan Archguard on the right, Yique Natural Hazard in the south, and Yangchang Banxiongguan in the north, where is Xia Jie today? The same is true for the king. From this point of view, the stability of a country, the prosperity of the country is not the danger of virtue, the prosperity of the country, the decline of virtue, the decline of the country, the old country must first teach the people and be close to the people, what they do , Judeming and virtue, please also ask King Mingjian!"

Xia Pingan finished this sentence, and the expression on Wei Wuhou’s face was greatly touched by the absolute silence on board, "As Wu Qing said, What is the virtue of a country?"

"The virtue of a country lies in the heart of the people, in the four characters of courtesy, justice, honesty and shame, etiquette, righteousness, the great law of governing people; honesty and shame, the great festival of standing up. If you don’t take it or you’re not ashamed, you’ll do everything. If you are a human being, then you will lose everything. If you are a minister, you will take everything and do everything. Then the world will not be chaotic, the country is shameless, and there is no one who will survive? "

Speaking of this, Xia Pingan still has some emotion in her heart. In the final analysis, all disasters for the Chinese nation in the future will be the collapse of values ​​and propriety, justice and shame, and the collapse of values ​​and propriety, justice and shame will basically start from the rule of rule. Classes and scholar-bureaucrats started.

The latter sentence was actually not said by Wu Qi, nor was it invented by himself. The first thing Guan Zi said was courtesy, righteousness and shame, and Guan Zi listed it as the four dimensions of the country, that is, the four dimensions and considerations of national values. The standard, Feng Dao of the Five Dynasties later explained clearly its relationship with the rise and fall of the country.

"Wu Qing's words, great kindness, can be the words of eternal governance!" Wei Wuhou praised him greatly.

The ministers who were on the ship looked at it and saw that Xia Pingan was showing up here, and the corner of his mouth writhed, and he said something uncomfortably, "Master Wu said it very well, but I don’t know where Master Wu’s courtesy, justice and shame was when he abandoned his mother and killed his wife in order to gain fame and fame?"

Wei Wuhou saw someone revealing Wu Qi’s scars back

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