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Glorious Summoner Chapter 140

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The black cobra whip appeared on Xia Pingan's hand.

The long whip is like a stream of black water, driving the wind and snow. When Xia Pingan's whip is rolled, it rolls two demon wolf warriors moved towards him, like a shield The same file was in front of him.

"puff puff puff..."

In an instant, the two demon wolf warriors were shot like hedgehogs by Icicle.

The bloody Icicle penetrated the leather armor of the two demon wolf warriors, and a section of it came out from behind the bodies of the two demon wolf warriors. Xia Pingan faced the bodies of the two demon wolf warriors. The black smoke of the wolf head threw away, the bodies of the two demon wolf warriors were hit by a few black smoke, the flesh and blood on their bodies instantly dried up, and the whole body suddenly turned into black fine gray, and it was scattered all of a sudden. .

Fuck me!

This demon wolf mage is really ferocious.

Seeing that the demon wolf mage is about to cast his spells again, and there are a few demon wolf warrior moved towards around. He rushes over, and the long whip in Xia Pingan's hand shakes and rolls up just now. A big knife dropped by a demon wolf warrior on the ground, moved towards the demon wolf mage and threw it over.

The long knife pierced through the air, like an arrow, hitting the chest of the demon wolf mage directly.

The magic of the demon wolf mage was interrupted, and as soon as he summoned his hand, the snow around him moved towards him and flew over, forming an ice and snow shield in front of the demon wolf mage, blocking it The throwing knife thrown by Xia Pingan.

Xia Pingan waved his hand, and five tigers and ten elite slave soldiers appeared beside him. With a roar of the five tigers, they moved towards the demon wolf warrior rushing around and rushed over, and the ten Five of the elite slave soldiers took out their guns moved towards the surrounding demon wolf warriors who wanted to shoot, and used them to interfere with the shooting of those demon wolf warriors.

There are also five elite slave soldiers who kept throwing guns on their hands moved towards Xia Pingan. The demon wolf mage in front of them and the demon wolf mage who was fighting with Yanduo threw them out.

The spears of the elite slaves cannot kill the demon wolf mage, but the spears can interrupt the spell casting rhythm of the two demon wolf mages, distracting and avoiding the two demon wolf mages. Responding, buy time for Xia Pingan and Yan Duo.

The demon wolf mage who fought against Xia Pingan smashed a spear in anger, and then killed two elite slave soldiers with Icicle. Xia Pingan, like a tiger, rushed to the demon wolf mage. before.

The demon wolf mage retreated, but found that Xia Pingan waved his hand and a large net moved towards him.

The severe expression flashed in the eye

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