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Glorious Summoner Chapter 67

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No one who joins Subduing Demon Guard is a fool. Everyone knows what tasks are waiting for him in the future, so no one dares to relax.

Even Li Yunzhou, on the first day he came to the province, he sweated for a long time on the training ground. It was only in the evening that he took the elevator and returned to his residence from the training ground.

As soon as he got out of the elevator, Li Yunzhou saw Xia Pingan walk out of his room.

"Ha, I thought you were out on a mission!" Li Yunzhou and Xia Pingan said hello, looked at no one around, then lowered their voice and asked curiously, "What about your mission? So, has it been completed?"

"Then there is a task that can be completed so quickly, I have no idea yet!"

"If you don't understand, just ask me!" Li Yunzhou patted his chest confidently, "By the way, do you want to go down for dinner?"

"Yes, I'm about to go to the restaurant to eat!" Xia Pingan does feel a little hungry. Jiezhu, after completing a divine force initiation, he felt very hungry, and this time was no exception.

"Wait for me, let's go together!"


Xia Pingan waited on the corridor for a while, Li Yunzhou came out, two People went down to the cafeteria for dinner together.

There are already some people in the restaurant. Just after Xia Pingan finished taking her own buffet, she saw that guy Li Yunzhou was sitting with a beautiful female summoner sometime and was already eating. While eating while chatting, I was excited, seeing Xia Pingan look over, Li Yunzhou gave Xia Pingan a wink and told Xia Pingan not to come over and be a light bulb.

This guy!

Xia Pingan laughed, each minding their own business found an empty table to sit down, drank a little soup, and then started eating.

Yan Duo entered the restaurant. He glanced around and saw Xia Pingan, slightly smiled. After he took the food, he carried his things and sat down opposite Xia Pingan.

"How about those millions of water drifts?" Yan Duo said to Xia Pingan eyebrows raised, each minding their own business, "Just hit the water drifts a few more times, and you will know those Why are the black box beads sold so cheaply? New summoners have to pay tuition several times before they can learn to behave..."

Xia Pingan took a look at Yan Duo and ate her own food. , Did not say a word.

Yan Duo continued, "I sorted out the information about the sacrifice of the Demon’s Eye member in the afternoon, found a friend, asked for a bunch of relationships, and found an authoritative expert to give the demon’s The Eye member made a psychological portrait. I think we can start with the psychological portrait of the Demon Eye member to find clues.

According to the description of the psychological portrait, the Demon Eye member may be an orphan. , Had a bad childhood adoption experience, and d

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