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Glorious Summoner Chapter 70

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Just after Xia Pingan and Yan Duo left the old man’s office.

The old man in the office has already opened the Quantum Encrypted Video Conference System of the Order Committee.

The old man standing in the office with a cane sticking to his head, his body straight, a wall in the office slid open, revealing a huge conference screen, and the characters on the screen are all from the Great Yan Country. Various members and giants of the National Order Council.

At this time, the titans of the committee still haven't rested. Behind those heads, there is either an office or a cultivation room.


“……I believe the news brought by my summoners, they are all the best summoners under the Yizhou Order Commission, this is by no means false information, let alone Accidental events, this is the most dangerous signal, and the time left for us is running out. In fact, this is the twenty-seventh warning we have received in the last two months. During this time, the Devil’s Eye has been hit. The killed members were all saying the same thing before they died. I solemnly request here again that Great Yan Nation declares a state of emergency as soon as possible to deal with the upcoming huge crisis!"

Wang Xihe’s voice, There was an unspeakable worry.

"Just because of what several Demon Eye members said before they died, they immediately declared a state of emergency in the country, raised the level of anti-space invasion in each province to the highest level, and allowed everyone to enter the refuge. Economic activities have basically stopped. Is this a bit of a joke? Even if we agree, the president will not agree!"

On the screen, a face full of silver hair quietly opened his mouth.

"Lao He, I don’t doubt the abilities of your subordinates, but after all, this is just a message from two ordinary members of Demon’s Eyes. Even if it’s what they said before they died, I think it’s It may be exaggerated. It is entirely possible that this is a trap of the Devil’s Eye. Throwing out a few people can make us rush and achieve their other goals. We have to guard against it!"

"Lao He , You previously proposed that the whole country enters a state of emergency immediately, and only a few days later, you came again. Isn’t the Subduing Demon Guard in each province already being formed, isn’t that enough?"

"Yes , I also think it may be the trap and conspiracy of Demon Eye!" Another old man with a serious face and full of Huafa on the display screen opened his mouth, "According to the sacrifice of Demon Eye that we have discovered and monitored in the past six months. In terms of the number of people, the scale of their sacrifices in Beiguangzhou is not up to the level to cause S-Rank space invasion. It is necessary to immediately declare that the country is in a state of emergency, which will cause huge chaos throug

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