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Glorious Summoner Chapter 69

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In just half a minute, Xia Pingan consumed three Fireballs and 15 bullets.

The difficulty of that Demon Eye member exceeded Xia Pingan's expectations.

When all this was over, in the elevator, apart from Xia Pingan, only one head and body were blasted away, and the whole body was burnt like coke and fell to the ground.

The circuit of the elevator has been damaged by high temperature, and the light bulb monitoring and other things have all been broken. It is stuck in the middle of the 11th floor to the 12th floor. A series of electric sparks follow the burning elevator decoration materials from When the elevator fell down, the light inside the elevator was flickering and dimming in the burning electric spark.

"hehehe..." has turned into a scorched corpse, his head burst open, only the last breath of the fatty fell on the twisted corner of the elevator, still grinning, talking with a hoarse throat With words, "Don’t be proud... the last holy coming is coming... enjoy this last tranquillity... when the last holy coming day comes... the glory that dominates Demon God will be filled with Heavenly Fire and rain dropping from the sky, kicking off the prelude to the real holy presence, our generation... is coming... sooner or later you will come with me, hehehe... Enjoy this last quiet time..."

"Bang..." Manuin MR98's muzzle spit out a ball of fire, and a silver bullet shot in from the mouth of the charred body and exploded from the back of his head.

The elevator finally stopped.

A total of...Sixteen bullets!

The true holy presence is coming?

This is the second time that Xia Pingan heard this from the Demon Eye member before dying in this period of time. The last time I said this was the body of the brain eating insect.

The Last Holy Promenade? It doesn't seem to be a coincidence...

Is there really a major event going to happen?

Xia Pingan felt something wrong when the body of brain eating insect said that last time, and raised his vigilance. This time, again?

Xia Pingan's heart tightened slightly, but it was not the time to explore this. He looked in the elevator, tried it, and found that he was trapped in the elevator and the elevator door could not be opened. Up.

I glanced at Yan Duo from a distance. The insect in that room was being wrapped in Yan Duo's flames, and was being refining. A cloud of black fog was rushing from left to right in Room 1706, trying to rush away. Formation under Yanduobu, the battle there is not over yet.

Xia Pingan did not stay in the elevator much. He stepped on the handrail in the elevator and jumped up, kicking open the inspection passage on the top of the elevator with one foot, and the whole person got out of the inspection passage and entered In the elevator shaft, he quickly climbed up the elevator rope and climbed to the elevat

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