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Glorious Summoner Chapter 66

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Xia Pingan was wandering around Xiangyang City, while thinking.

Why not many people in this world bead can successfully merge?

It's very simple, because the person who incorporates this world pearl doesn't even know what he is here for.

In the tavern just now, I heard the news of the great victory of Yiling. Perhaps the first reaction of the people who merged this world pearl was that this might be some "important clue", and then plunged into the history In the furnace, trying to get acquainted with historical figures such as Xia Lu Xun, to fight for his own future.

In the end, it is naturally impossible to get a fart.

"Do you know where there is a dog seller?" Xia Pingan asked the guy who followed him as he walked.

"Does Young Master want to raise a dog?" The young man was stunned for a moment, and then immediately said cleverly, "If you want to buy a dog, there will be it in the East Market!"

" Okay, let’s go to the East Market to see..."

The two people hadn’t walked far, Xia Pingan saw the river in front of them, and a few children were yelling at the pointing fingers in the river. "Look, look, there's a dog in the river..."

Xia Pingan walked to the river, moved towards the river, and saw that there was a dog in the river, following the water from above. Float down.

It was a black puppy, a little frightened and helpless struggling in the river. It floated down from the upper reaches, but fell into the river for some reason. Fortunately, the puppy was a little clever. The two forelimbs hugged a dry branch tightly, and then the head came out of the water without sinking completely into the water.

The river outside Xiangyang City is not wide, only seven or eight meters wide. The jade green water is clear. Seeing a puppy in the river, the children are pointing fingers by the river.

As soon as Xia Pingan saw the black puppy, there was a cleverness in his head. Without even thinking about it, he rushed to the river, took off his shoes and the round neck straight with the crimson gauze printed on him. The robe was thrown to the young man. In the surprised eyes of the young man and a few passers-by, he suddenly plunged into the water, moved towards the black puppy and quickly swam past.

"Is your Young Master crazy?" Several passers-by looked at the young man next to Xia Pingan and said to the young man.

They have never seen anyone who went to jump into the river to save a dog.

The young man was also in a hurry. For fear of something wrong with his Young Master, he saw someone driving the duck over not far away, so he hurriedly went to the person who drove the duck to borrow a bamboo pole.

The river is not in a hurry, Xia Pingan swims to the black puppy, drags the black puppy with one hand, lifts the puppy out of the water, and then quickly When he swam to

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