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Glorious Summoner Chapter 65

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"This is a simple divine force bead. Once integrated, it can increase the upper limit of the divine force of the secret mandala. The price is cheap, 5.8 million..."

The world bead in Tao Wen's hand looks a little unremarkable, but there are a bunch of divine force in the painting. The same thing is floating. Take a closer look, the light spots have 30 points, and the shape is It is obviously different from other world beads, in which there are flashing four "divine symbols" that only Xia Pingan can understand-Han Yong pretends to be deaf.

Looking at this world bead, with a serious face, he took the world bead and took a look, and then handed the world bead to Xia Pingan to take a look, "This is the most dangerous divine force It’s one of the world beads, so it sells cheaply. I can show you today. All the divine force world beads can directly see the divine force points in the world beads. This is the most obvious sign of the divine force world beads. ,

This bead is successfully fused, at least it can increase the divine force by more than 20 points at a time, and the perfect integration can increase the divine force by 30 points, and get a chance of divine force initiation. However, The success rate of this world bead fusion is very low. The failure mortality rate is close to 35%, which is very scary. The success rate is less than 1%, so the price is relatively cheap. You will need to integrate the divine force world bead in the future. It’s best to find the divine force world beads that have failed and have a low mortality rate. For such world beads, even if the fusion fails, you are not afraid!"

Han Yong pretends to be deaf. This allusion Xia Pingan is too familiar. It's a story from the Ming Dynasty Zong Jingtai's reign. Han Yong was the deputy envoy of Guangdong at that time. He almost got him in because Yiyang King Zhu Dianjia told Ning King Zhu Dianpei to rebel. Finally, relying on his own wily old fox, he escaped. After a catastrophe.

This bead is exactly the IQ test of the officialdom old fox, and it is not a normal IQ test. It is extremely dangerous, no wonder the failure rate is so high.

Xia Pingan watched this world bead move slightly. He still has more than 6 million dollars in his money now. It would be enough to buy this world bead. However, now it is only an increase of 20 or 30 points of divine force. It doesn't make much sense to Xia Pingan. His demand for divine force is not so urgent. He hasn't eaten the Divine Strength Pill this month.

"There is another boundary bead, let me see what it is?" Xia Ping handed the divine force boundary bead to Tao Wen again.

"The final fusion rate of this world bead is even lower. This is a black box world bead. We don’t know what can be summoned after the successful fusion of this black box world bead. What's the use, but even if the fusio

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