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Glorious Summoner Chapter 68

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More than half an hour later, two police explosion-proof assault vehicles and several police vehicles with anti-drug words stopped at the entrance of the hotel!

As soon as these police cars stopped, a large group of anti-narcotics police officers armed with guns jumped out of the car with anti-narcotics dogs and quickly entered the hotel.

Xia Pingan and Yan Duo wore the uniforms of anti-narcotics policemen. With the black dragon in their hands, Xia Pingan entered the hotel with the anti-narcotics policemen and dogs. Not noticeable at all.

The anti-narcotics police swift and decisive, after entering the hotel, a leading anti-narcotics police directly told the hurried hotel Chief-In-Charge that they received a report that someone gathered in the hotel to take drugs. The team of anti-narcotics police took an anti-narcotics dog straight to the KTV inside the hotel, and Xia Pingan and another team of anti-narcotics police started to check the floor with the anti-narcotics dog.

Twenty minutes later, the anti-narcotics police who were dispatched really caught more than a dozen people who smoked laughing gas and a few marijuana in the hotel’s KTV, and also arrested seven or eight suspected drug users to go back for an examination. Urine, everyone was taken away directly, and the anti-narcotics police also withdrew from the hotel.

In room 1706 on the seventeenth floor of the hotel, the curtain is slightly opened.

A forty majority of bald fattys in suits are standing sideways, standing behind the curtains, squinting, watching the police car downstairs escorting the people into the police car with the lights flashing. Leaving, quietly sighed in relief in my heart.

"It's the anti-drug police, has gone..." Fatty put down the curtains, turned around, and looked towards another person in the room.

The other person in the room is an old man, wearing a black suit, and looking down at the wine glass in his hand. He only raised his face when he heard the words of the fatty, showing a pair of blind eyes. There are only white eyes, and the whites in those eyes are bloodshot, but the eyeballs are not visible.

"In a few days, our days of hiding in Tibet will be completely over..." The eyeless old man opened his mouth quietly, with a certain fanaticism in his voice, "Those Stupid people think that our sacrifices this year are still the same as before, but they don’t know that the passage of the last holy presence is about to be completely stabilized. The real holy presence will come soon, and this World will be full of sky. In the rain of fire, we have entered a new era. The glory that dominates Demon God will come along with the rain of fire..."

"On the day of the arrival of the real holy, this World is so peaceful. I almost couldn't help but want to celebrate in advance..." Fatty said, the shadow on

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