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Glorious Summoner Chapter 71

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The D group was only established for one day, because it was too easy to complete the task, and it was disbanded on the 2nd day.

Without a mission, Xia Pingan can only train at the base every day like other Subduing Demon Guard people, and lose the qualification to go out.

Fortunately, Xinchuan’s Coal Boss is very refreshing. Only two days later, on the afternoon of the 3rd day, Yan Duo got the task bounty, found Xia Pingan, and transferred it to Xia Pingan’s card in person. 10 million task remuneration.

Getting the reward, Xia Pingan didn't even touch the money, so he called Xia Ning and transferred the 10 million reward to Xia Ning.

"Brother, why did you go, why do you have so much money?" Xia Ning was frightened by the huge sum of money, and quickly called.

"Nothing, don't worry, this money is very clean, you don't want to think about where I work, I don't dare to transfer this dirty money to you, it will cause you trouble!" Xia Pingan knew what was going on in Xia Ning's head, so she had to click on her to prevent her from thinking about it.

"I’m relieved to hear you say that. I don’t need to transfer so much to me. I will earn money myself now. I just checked the bank balance and looked at the zeros. I was shocked myself, thinking that I was dazzled!"

"I don’t care about the money, you can help me take care of the money! Okay, I have something to do, so I won’t talk to you anymore. , For some time in the future, if you can’t get through my phone, maybe I’m performing a task, don’t worry. By the way, you are about to have summer vacation. If you are still in Xianghe City during the summer vacation, remember to stay at Guangzhou Hotel. Look for other places. If you want to go to other places with your classmates, remember to stay in Gwangju hotels everywhere. You don’t need to save money for Old Brother. Remember!"

"Okay, I remember Live, brother, I will take care of the money for you first, and keep it for me to find the sister-in-law......"

Xia Pingan hung up the phone, and Yan Duo asked curiously. "You still have a younger sister?"

"Of course, my younger sister!"

Yan Duo rubbed his face, "I thought you would take the money How about buying a realm bead?"

"A realm bead is not essential to me. At worst, I can only master one more spell and increase the divine force a bit. Maybe the fusion fails. It will fail, but this ten million will make my younger sister no longer need to worry about money in the future. Even if something happens to me, a girl will spend ten million with her, and a year’s interest will be enough for her to spend. Let me rest assured!"

"How does it look like an confession?"

"No one knows which one will come first tomorrow or the accident. I'm going to the training ground, you Do you want to come..."Xia Pingan has changed clothes in her room an

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