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Glorious Summoner Chapter 131

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The black dragon hiccuped, then wagged his tail again and ran to Xia Pingan's side.

The phantom monster that rushed over was torn apart by the black dragon just now, and finally swallowed directly by the black dragon.

A group of warriors dressed in camouflage, carrying various weapons, ran out from behind the bushes and rocks on both sides of the hillside, and began to skillfully clean the battlefield.

This was a perfect ambush. The fighters on his side did not sacrifice anyone, but two Medicine Pill Masters were injured a little while fighting with the spider, but it was not serious.

The burning spider silks and cloud bombs and the open flames caused by the explosion of rocket bombs from the previous magic fire spiders should be extinguished in time, otherwise it may cause fires in the mountains and forests, and the corpses of those monsters To converge and count, break open the heads of those monsters to see if there are any boundary beads.

Summoners are also doing "brain-digging" work, looking for the realm beads that may exist on the monsters.

Compared with the various spells of the summoners, the "brain-digging" work of the warriors is much simpler. A few people directly cut the heads of the magic rats with a gasoline saw to see if there is There are no boundary beads.

The spoils of war of the warriors belong to the warriors themselves. If the warriors find a realm bead, then no matter what the realm bead is, they will be exchanged in Xia Pingan for 50 strong body pills and 50 per One Realm Bead. The ratio of rune bullets is exchanged. If there is no realm bead, soldiers can also use the corpses of those magic rats and spiders to exchange for Zhuang Pill and rune bullets at Xia Pingan according to a certain ratio.

Zhuang body pill can continuously improve the physical fitness of people, and rune bullets can solve the threat of demons and demons. These two distinct things are the favorite of warriors.

As long as people who have eaten the strong body pill and have experienced the effects of the strong body pill, they will not be able to stop the effect of the strong body pill. The strong body pill is too attractive for ordinary persons.

For everyone who is struggling with life and death, when the crisis comes, they understand more how important the word strength is.

A corpse of a magic rat can be exchanged for 3 strong pill or 1 strong pill and 1 rune bullet in Xia Pingan. A complete body of a big spider can be used in Xia Pingan. Here in exchange for 2 Level 1 Divine Strength Pill and 1 rune bullet and 1 strong body pill.

"There is a world bead here, it is a world bead from the altar..." A warrior cut open the head of a demon mouse, and dug out a world bead from the head of the demon mouse while wearing gloves. Cried happily.

"I also found a world bead here.

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