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Glorious Summoner Chapter 134

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"Demon wolf mage......"

Looking at the bloody monster with a wolf head, Li Yunzhou and the others criticized out in surprise.

Before, no one knew that this ambush was actually such a thing.

The demon wolf mage has been severely injured. Not only does he lack an inch of complete skin up and down, but one leg was also chopped off by the slaughter. The plasma of the demon wolf mage who fell on the ground is constantly flowing down. , He glanced at the people around him with his bloody eyes, raised his hair and let out a wolf roar, and turned around to run...

"Want to run?" Xia Pingan has already rushed over with his hands. The MR98's pistol fired one after another.

One after another rune bullet roared and moved towards demon wolf. The mage shot over. The demon wolf mage was like a mad wolf, running wildly against the ground, twisting strangely, like a The blood-colored shadow, Xia Pingan's four consecutive bullets, were all avoided by him.

But the bullet is not Xia Pingan's ultimate move, but a tool to delay the actions of the demon wolf mage.

Just when the demon wolf mage evaded four bullets, Xia Pingan had rushed to the demon wolf mage's side. With a move, the black cobra whip appeared in Xia Pingan's hand. On the top, Xia Pingan pulled out a whip. The whip pierced the air and screamed, rolling the surrounding wind and snow. Snow flakes in the air condensed on the whip, extending the length of the whip of the black cobra. More than doubled, it turned into a snowflake-like whip, and fiercely drew it on the demon wolf mage.

This time, the demon wolf mage is extremely torn skin and gaping flesh, flesh and blood flying all over, unable to escape the weird steel whip in Xia Pingan's hand. With a scream, he was caught by Xia Pingan. The snowflake whip on the top was drawn, and it rolled from the air and hit the snow.

Not only that, but the body that had just been pumped by Xia Pingan's long whip instantly froze and became stiff, forming a shell of ice.

oh la la, the demon wolf mage shattered the ice shell all over his body, and his body was full of blood light, and he wanted to continue to escape.

"Where to escape..." Tu Po prisoner and the others have already moved towards the demon wolf mage, rushing towards the demon wolf mage, Tu Po prisoner holding a big knife, blocking in front of the demon wolf mage, with one knife moved towards The demon wolf mage cut it, Li Yunzhou and the others have summoned out of the Fireball, and several Fireballs moved towards the demon wolf mage and flew over.

The movement of the demon wolf mage flew away with a fictitious shot. At the moment when he led the slaughter and the others away, the demon wolf mage suddenly turned around, moved towards Xia Pingan and rushed towards it with his mouth. There was also a stern roar, "I killed you..."

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