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Glorious Summoner Chapter 130

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More than ten days later, in the valley more than 70 kilometers away from the Yunwan Mountain base...

When there were more than 20 ghosts of ghosts, more than 400 When an army of magic rats and more than 80 spiders entered the valley from the grandiose east of the valley, the people within the valley had been in ambush here for more than two hours.

When the last magic fire spider staggered out of the bushes outside the valley and entered the encirclement of the valley, a piece of Icicle, like an arrow, suddenly appeared on the cliff next to it. Flying out, directly piercing a group of magic rats rushing in front, and the battle began instantly.

There were more than 100 rockets in the first wave that flew from both sides of the cliff.

And these rockets fired at the same time are more than a dozen rune sniper bullets. The rune sniper bullets hit the target first, passing through the bodies of the phantom monsters and the tips of the phantom monsters. With a cry, it burned directly and turned into fly ash.

At this moment, those rockets also arrived. The whole within the valley was like firecrackers lit by a string of rockets. In the first wave of rocket attacks, one third hit The goal was to kill almost 30 big spiders directly.

In the roar of the sniper rifle, the rune bullet of the second wave was shot, and the monsters that ran around were instantly reimbursed for more than half.

Several monsters moved towards the place where the bullets were fired and flew away, but the summoner's Fireball greeted them...

A single cloud bomb flew, booming With a sound, more than a dozen magic rats crowded in a narrow troubled world were blasted into scum, and the seven or eight big spiders nearby were affected, and they were all lifted to the ground by the shock wave of the cloud explosive bomb, with their feet up to the sky.

The formidable power of the cloud bomb is too terrifying, and each shot is like a small mushroom.

"I rely on, save a little, save a little, don't waste it, these all are medicine pill..." Tu Polu shouted distressedly, but he was the first to rise from more than ten meters high. Flying down from the mountain wall, holding the big knife in his hand, like a hungry wolf, it pounced on the closest magic liquid spider.

The magic liquid spider felt threatened, and when he turned his head, he spewed corrosive slime silk at Tu Polu.

Tu Polu had a solution to this kind of spider silk. After he shouted a word of fire in his mouth, two scorching Fireballs flew out all of a sudden, the first Fireball, Burned the slimy silk from the magic liquid spider into ashes in the air to complete the hedge. The second Fireball landed on the magic liquid spider's head, bursting out a sea of ​​scorching heat. Flame.

Fireball Technique can’t kill the liquid spider, but the Fireball Tech

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