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Glorious Summoner Chapter 133

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Outside the house, snowflakes are flying around...

In the house, the scent of venison hot pot stirs people’s taste buds...

The table is already messed up, and the bottles of wine that Xia Pingan brought out are almost drunk.

If in the past, such a hot pot meal might not be a big deal, but at this time, it would definitely be a luxury to be able to eat such a hot pot meal.

Venison, shiitake mushrooms, fungus, shiitake mushrooms, cabbage, kohlrabi, cauliflower, canned luncheon meat, pork knuckles with sauce, high-quality liquor, beer, wine, these things, these things cannot be bought now with money. Except for the venison, which was obtained by Li Yunzhou, Xia Pingan obtained all the other items from the Space Warehouse.

Said it is a hot pot, the final result is that a group of people eat here.

The old rules, the bottom shell of the brass cannonball plus a few military gasoline stoves, everyone got together, and the atmosphere came in an instant.

Tu Polu, Li Yunzhou, Fang Lingshan, Xia Pingan, Feng Yidao, Ximendan, Guo Wei, Xue Sidao, and Zhu Zhu are nine people in total.

Feng Yidao and Ximendan are the one fatty and one thin summoners rescued by Xia Pingan from Xinchuan City. The thin one is Feng Yidao and the fat one is Ximendan. Two people came After the Yunwan Mountain base, they followed Xia Pingan desperately, screaming one by one, and they were not afraid of others talking about numbness.

Xue Sidao is a personable middle-aged uncle Mo Yan. He was the summoner of Subduing Demon Guard before. He met Tu Pohuo. As Xia Pingan went out together, after fighting for these days, he and Xia Pingan and the others have become acquainted, a group of people are acquainted with each other, and unconsciously gathered around Xia Pingan.

Zhu Zhu is a female summoner with strong strength. She had already broken through an Origin Realm last year. She is also a summoner of the Subduing Demon Guard in Yizhou. She has long hair, apricot eyes, red lips, arrogance. Although she is not young anymore, In their thirties, when they were the most feminine, Zhu Zhu and Fang Lingshan were good friends who had known each other for many years.

Feng Yidao was directly on the ground by Zhu Zhu's two bottles of white wine. When he spoke, a small face blushed, his tongue began to knot, and his eyes straightened.

"...I...I was fleeing with Fat Dan at the time...I saw the big spiders that appeared in front of me. At that time...I was cold at the time and thought, I'm over, this time I have to explain I'm here...Whoever can save my life, let me devote one's life to... Didn't expect at this moment... The boss appeared... Grandma's... So handsome... The boss came , I immediately killed those monsters... I conquered me at the time... I wanted to follow this kind of people in the future... Absolutely eat wel

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