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Glorious Summoner Chapter 129

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Under everyone’s gaze, Xia Pingan, who is holding a big knife, is running faster and faster, and the whole person is like an arrow shot, moved towards those coming monsters rushing go with.

Xia Pingan just injected a little divine force into the big knife in her hand, and felt that the big knife seemed to be activated by that little divine force of her own, awakening like a living thing , With a little divine force injection, you can activate the Magical Artifact for two hours.

The big knife and his arm seem to fuse together, there is a handy feeling, he can even feel the feeling of the big knife cutting the air head on when he runs.

This sword is a Magical Artifact. It comes with two effects. In addition to being sharp, the other effect is that the wounds injured by this sword are very difficult to heal.

Xia Pingan, who has just advanced to the Second Origin Realm, has long wanted to try her own Magical Artifact against those big spiders.

At the time of Origin Realm, Xia Pingan actually had the ability to rely on physical fitness to fight those big spiders, but at that time Xia Pingan did not have Magical Artifact in his hands, and ordinary weapons could not be broken. Those big spiders have thick defenses, so he can't try.

Just give it a try today. If you can use Magical Artifact to fight those big spiders in the future, then he can run rampant.

Seeing Xia Pingan rushing, more than a dozen magic rats jumped towards him from the aggressive moved towards the kilometer. At first glance, they did not look like a magic mouse, but like a lion. A beast like a tiger.

Xia Pingan is a Fierce Tiger Descends the Mountain.

blade light roars like a tiger, and the whole person swiftly passes by the more than ten magic rats like a shadow.

More than a dozen magic mice leaped over. As soon as they landed, their head and body were all part of the house, and the blood was all over the ground...

The sharpness of this sword is completely beyond Xia. Pingan expected that with the knife in his hand, he felt that what the big knife had cut was not bones and flesh and blood, but pieces of mud. The sharp blade of the big knife, without any hindrance, cut from those magic rats.

Several burning spider silk flew.

The big knife in Xia Pingan's hand was turned over, and a trick was used for a tiger. The big knife cuts the burning spider silk, and the burning spider silk became several segments. The demon mouse that only rushed over wrapped the bodies of those demon rats and burned violently. The demon rats screamed as if they were hit by Fireball Technique. In the blink of an eye, they became piles of ashes on the ground.

A magic fire spider has rushed in front of Xia Pingan, and two giant tongs moved towards Xia Pingan's body, one left and the other right.

Xia Pingan leaped up and

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