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Glorious Summoner Chapter 132

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Take out 50 strong body pills and 50 rune bullets and exchange for the last Shenhuo world orb. The exchange of the spoils of war for this expedition is finally over.

Outside the window, cold wind whistling, the soldiers and summoners who have just received medicine pill and rune bullets have smiles on their faces, and the small auditorium of the barracks is quite lively.

The fighters who have experienced the effects of the strong body pill regard the strong body pill as a treasure. With the new shape body pill, each one eats, the physical quality and ability will improve a little, next time It will definitely be stronger when you start.

Each fighter gets more than ten pill.

As for the summoners who participated in the battle, some people not only got the boundary beads, but also got one after another Level 1 Divine Strength Pill. After calculating, the divine force consumed is still slightly surplus, so The fighting is really the more the better.

"The past few days the wind and snow are too heavy, and the monsters are temporarily dead. Everyone will take a good rest in the base. I will give another notice for the next mission. Okay, disband. !"

After Xia Pingan finished speaking, the talents in the auditorium gradually dispersed.

Everyone is not a robot, and we are all a little tired. When we return to the base this time, we can just relax and rest.

“It’s been so relaxing for many days. I’ll have a drink and get together in the evening, I’ll get a hot pot...” Li Yunzhou raised his eyebrows and came to Xia Pingan.

"Okay, I heard that you have harvested a Water Element world bead. Good luck!" Xia Pingan asked. The Water Element world bead that summoner said was the Dayu world bead, the success of the fusion. The rate is very high.

"hahaha, can't compare to you, you are not gaining more!" Li Yunzhou smiled, beaming with joy, "You are now a standard local tyrant!"

"You have seen it all , Most of them are Foundation Establishment world beads!" Xia Pingan spreads out his hands. He now has Foundation Establishment world beads in the Space Warehouse, connected to the harvest of this mission. There are already 11, which can be used by three people. Some time ago, he also obtained two divine force world beads, both of which were fused by him. After fusing the two divine force world beads, Xia Pingan's current upper limit of divine force has reached 465 points.

"Foundation Establishment world beads is also a good thing. If you have the opportunity in the future, you can change to some good world beads. Okay, let’s not say. When I entered the base just now, I saw someone hunted them. Deer, I'll get some venison back. See you at me at 8 o'clock in the evening!" Li Yunzhou finished speaking, waved and left.

Li Yunzhou left, Man Zijin walked over and scratched his head, "Sir, I.

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