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Glorious Summoner Chapter 128

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Quiet moments around...

All of Pan Shiliu’s cold sweat came out. He looked around and found that the officers and soldiers were watching coldly. He, even many of the guards he brought with him, looked at him at this time, their eyes changed a little.

Those summoners are also looking at him, their eyes full of mockery.

Xia Pingan’s voice was so loud that everyone at the entrance to the valley heard it.

Just now when Xia Pingan took out those weapons, Pan Shiliu was secretly happy, thinking that she had trapped Xia Pingan. What did she think, Xia Pingan turned her head, but dug a hole to let him He went to jump.

Looking at Xia Pingan’s cold gaze, Pan Shiliu clenched the teeth and sighed deliberately, "Priest Xia and the officer of 87 Legion really went the same way. Priest Xia and I just met, and I don’t know where I offended. Without you, why should you be so bitter!"

"Where did I force you?" Xia Pingan remained calm and composed while handling pressing affairs, looking at the discolored man, "All the soldiers of 87 Legion You can go to the battlefield, you can die, you still don’t worry, you are afraid they can’t protect you, there are so many summoners here, no one’s life is worth more than you, which one has never been on the battlefield, you keep on saying for the guards, for the cloud The tens of thousands of people in the Wanshan Base, can’t you go to the battlefield to fight for them once? Your life is more expensive than the lives of everyone else? Since you don’t want to go to the battlefield, then you desperately want to put so many Do you want to rebel in this small Yunwan Mountain base?"

"What is this not persecution? You want my life to say clearly, why bother?"

" What can I use to block the monsters to cover up!" Pan Shiliu went out and said loudly to the guards members he brought with him, "Think about how many monsters the unmanned reconnaissance aircraft found, those magic fire spiders, magic liquid spiders There are more than ten, and there are hundreds of magic rats, but Xia Pingan said that with me, only the two of us can stop those monsters. Is it possible? He just wants to take me to death, the two of us How can I stop that many monsters? I was killed by the monsters. He is a summoner. He can naturally escape back..."

The more excited Pan Shiliu said, he pointed directly to Xia Pingan, "This person The most hypocritical and vicious, you must not believe his nonsense, he just wants to disintegrate our guards, wants to cheat me!"

I heard Pan Shiliu say this, the members of the guards Looking at them one by one, many people's eyes were puzzled again, and they were a little shaken.

"To deal with those monsters, one or two people are indeed enough. The villain sees everyone is a villain. Don’t think of others as dirty as you. I want your life, why should I be so

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