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Glorious Summoner Chapter 151

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Sitting in the car, looking at Xia Ning in the rearview mirror and chasing the car for a while, and waving her hand behind, Xia Pingan couldn't help feeling a little sad.

Before calm and calm, he just didn't want Xia Ning to worry about sadness. In his heart, Xia Pingan was also sad.

This separation may be Yongjue.

I only hope that time can dilute everything.

Major Liu Li, who was driving the car, saw the sadness of Xia Pingan, and was comforted next to him, "Don’t worry, all the family members of the people who participated in the "Sky Patching Project" can be Get the best care and protection. We have specialized agencies and personnel responsible for this kind of things. After Xia Ning graduates from the National Capital University, we will provide her with development space according to her wishes!"

The car had already driven out of the hotel, Xia Pingan put out a breath, leaving the trace of sadness in his heart, Xia Ning was not worried, if Da Yan Guo could not even do this, it would be too incompetent.

Before coming, he already had some arrangements in Yizhou. The boundary beads he got, before coming here, he gave to the old colleagues of the Xianghe City Order Committee, he was indifferent. , Tu Polu, Li Yunzhou, Old Zhou, An Qing and Fang Lingshan, Guo Wei and Man Zijin each gave a set of Foundation Establishment boundary beads and a slave soldier boundary beads as a souvenir.

After this wave of monsters is eliminated, there will be no space invasion in the next eighteen years, which means that there will be no new world beads. If you want to cultivate summoners, you can only consume these stock of world beads. , These world beads will become more and more precious and valuable. In Yizhou Province, in addition to the old man's promise to take care of him, he is full of friends and acquaintances. He has formed a lot of good relationships in Yizhou Province. Those people will have great energy in the Order Committee or the army in the future, and they will go one by one. In important positions and leadership positions, one can say unceremoniously that if Xia Ning returns to Yizhou now, he can definitely walk unhindered.

The guy Man Zijin wanted to follow him, but he didn't have a spot and was rejected by the old man.

In addition to the Jiezhu, Old Zhou gave the super pickup truck he built for himself, and he also gave it to Man Zijin. Man Zijin is now a colonel and is responsible for reorganizing the Flame Dragon of 87 Legion assault. The team, that guy, has been with himself for so long, has accumulated rich experience in fighting monsters, and will become the chief officer of the 87 Legion Flame Dragon commando team in the future.

The friendship between myself and 87Legion is quite deep.

Although Mo Yanshao and Tu Polu and the others don’t know "Sky Patching Plan,"

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